"Kalyn has a brilliant eye and visual style. I was lost for what to wear before we started working together.  She helped me craft a clothing scheme that worked for casual occasions and business occasions, all for the right price.  She is a lifesaver when it comes to fashion."
—Ryan Smith, Co-Host of BETJ's My Two Cents and Television Commentator

"Kalyn Johnson is an amazing stylist with an uncanny ability to push you out of your comfort zone and still put you in an outfit that allows your personality and sense of self to shine.  I have worked with Kalyn on many occasions -- professional, personal, and social event --  each time I have said, "Oh, I don't know. Don't you think I'll look ridiculous?" and every time I have had to eat my words based on the many compliments I received. There are some stylists who make everyone look the same (we've seen the pictures in the tabloid magazines); on those occasions, you wonder if the stylist is handing out clothing from her own closet. This is never a concern when I work with Kalyn; she knows that each of her clients is different. We each have our own view of ourselves and our bodies...she maximizes the assets and minimizes any faults with aplomb!   She dresses each client according to what works best for the individual while infusing her keen sense of style and her eye for the extraordinary.  Her perspective changes the basic black dress into many fabulous moments!"
Portia Roberson, Attorney (Detroit, MI)

"I pride myself on being a creative dynamo! However, I have to admit on some days I'm packin' way too much dynamite in the fashion department. An avid over-accessorizer (you see, I created that word), I have often had to turn to my favorite fashion expert for some much-needed consultation.  Kalyn Johnson always knows what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it.  Most importantly, she has the insight to dress me not only the way she would like to see me, but the way she knows I like to see myself —Jazzy!  My various career paths require that my sense of style be versatile, yet unique.  As a lawyer, entertainer, designer and television host, on any given day I may have to wear everything from a tailored suit, to jeans and sneakers, to an evening gown.  It is great to know that when I need help, Kalyn's fabulous sense of fashion is only a phone call away. Whether she's dressing me up or toning me down, she always has fresh ideas that fit my outgoing personality and spicy sense of style."
—Lauren Lake, Host/Designer of HGTV's Spice Up My Kitchen and Television Legal Commentator

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"Kalyn is always ahead of the curve!  Her style tips, shopping secrets and fashion savvy will definitely help you to build a spectacular wardrobe. With Kalyn's help, you exude confidence each and every time you walk out the door."
—Jennifer Turner, Director, Legal & Business Affairs, EMI Music North America

"True first impressions are never conveyed through handshakes or introductions.  It's all in your style. Kalyn Johnson's effortless, insightful approach leaves you feeling and LOOKING like the style diva you were meant to be. I sought out Kalyn's styling artistry for a feature of my company on MSNBC's "Your Business".  She didn't disappoint. Say goodbye to boring, sloppy, style-less days, with Kalyn's touch, your style will stand on its own."
—Tracey D. Hughes, CEO and Founder, The Rum Cake Fairy Dessert Company

"Kalyn radiates style and professionalism. She has added depth and character to my business wardrobe, elegant sophistication to my evening attire, and flair and panache to my casual look.  Her unique breadth of experience in fashion, entertainment and corporate circles underscores her unparalleled versatility to enhance your presence in any situation."
— Dickson Chin, Partner, Jones Day

"Kalyn's engaging personality combined with her fashion savvy help to make what can sometimes be an intimidating and overwhelming process fun and enjoyable."
—April Miller Boise, Partner, Thompson, Hine & Flory

"I have always loved fashion but Kalyn taught me the importance of having a color palette for each season and investing in quality pieces that will stand the test of time.  She helped me elevate my overall style to grown-up chic!"
—Jacqueline Howell, Entertainment Attorney

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"Kalyn's services were a Christmas gift from my mom; I didn't quite know what to expect. I have never had more compliments on my wardrobe than I did after working with Kalyn. I now feel more confident with the clothes in my closet and have tons of ways to wear each of them. Kalyn has helped me to elevate my style from a young 22-year-old elementary school intern, to a sophisticated, fun, classy, well put together 22-year-old intern. What a difference her eye for style has made in my life! I never knew I could wear half of the clothes she found for me, but I can and I was able to step out of my comfort zone because if her. Now I leave the house feeling better than ever wearing clothes that look great with accessories that are fabulous! Kalyn definitely took my personality and my interests to heart when helping me with my style and there is no doubt that she does that with every client she meets. Working with her and her remarkable sense of style is not only fun but very rewarding!"
—Brittany Turner, Graduate Student and Elementary School Intern


"My experience working with Kalyn was invaluable. As a plus-size Diva, I have to represent at every turn but I was limited in the choices I was making. Kalyn changed all that when she introduced me to a whole new world of Plus Size options. I had been shopping at the same three or four stores every plus size beauty shops at; Kalyn opened my eyes to stores and boutiques I never knew existed. I am forever indebted to her. Not to mention, she showed me dresses that were flattering, concealing and most importantly, SEXY! Watch out Now!... this PHAT Girl (Pretty, Hot, and Tempting) is on the move with a new pep in her step!"
—Jenice Hand, self proclaimed Fashionista and Legal Assistant (Detroit, MI)