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The Price of Happiness

How much is too much to spend on a handbag? A pair of shoes? A dress?  A suit?  . . . We all have different thresholds based on our own incomes, lifestyles and paradigms. That said, regardless of your income-bracket, it’s sometimes difficult to justify spending what seems like an ungodly amount of money on a pair of shoes(my ungodly amount might be different from yours and yours might be different from your best friend’s, but you get my point here).  However, all of us engage in a little Retail Therapy from time-to-time.  Feeling a little down, frustrated because you have to work the weekend yet again, wading your way through a horrible break-up? It happens to all of us.  Before you know it, your fingers just start dancing all over the keyboard as you participate on that conference call and peruse Zappos, Amazonor Bluefly to find your “fix”; you know, that item that once you have  it in your possession will make you feel soooooooo much better!  A little retail therapy never hurt anyone and it’s certainly helped keep the economy afloat, but how many of those purchases have really given you more than a momentary high?

There’s a FAB pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on, but they’re really really expensive.  So, you pass on them and buy 3 other items that you like but don’t love. Duh!?!?!?!  You coulda had the FAB pair of shoes and been really happy.  Your high would come back each time you wear them!  Instead, you’ve got 3 new items that in all likelihood are going to be relegated to the back of the closet or to The Salvation Army once the shine of having something new wanes.

Lesson learned here?  We ultimately end up spending more money not buying that expensive handbag, pair of shoes, or beautiful suit because we buy to fill the void we feel by not having the item we really wanted.  Sounds crazy, right? Maybe so. Pay attention as you clean out your closet this Spring, what are you purging?  Rarely is it those coveted items that you treated yourself to (unless one’s gone beyond its shelf-life), it’s the things you bought instead of that coveted item.

I’m not advocating that you go out and spend a paycheck on a handbag.  Far from it.  My point here is, think about your Rate of Return and spend wisely rather than spending to spend.  There’s always a first time, but to date, I’ve never regretted purchasing something I really really wanted.  Spending the money is always hard for me but each time I pull out my YSL Tribute shoes, for example, they take my breath away. On the other hand, when I purge my closet each season and get rid of those filler items the regret is palpable.

[image courtesy of Chanel]

My Favorite Things in 2009

Julie Andrews sang about “raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” as some of her favorite things; I must admit that my faves are a little less esoteric and a little more materialistic than Ms. Andrews’, but here are the top 10 things I fell in love with this year – please don’t hold it against me!

  1. My Kindle; I love to read and carrying my library with me wherever I go is an absolute treat.
  2. The heart-stopping sparkling diamond jewelry at Kwiat.
  3. Rosewood Mayakoba, Riviera Maya, Mexico – hands down, one of the most wonderful resort experiences I’ve ever had and the folks at Travel&Leisure agree too!
  4. My YSL Gold Tribute Shoes; they’re killer but they make my legs look great.
  5. Frozen yogurt with lychees and almonds at Pinkberry.
  6. Cashmere leggings from Kier+J – they’re oh so warm and definitely downtown hipster chic.
  7. Falafel sandwiches from Maoz Vegetarian - good quality and great prices.
  8. Marie Jasmin’s SWEAT Cardio Sculpt classes at Equinox are fabulous; she’s a wonderful trainer and whipped my butt into shape this year.
  9. I’ve been dreaming about owning one of Kristen Farrell’s Mystical Talon pendants, they’re absolutely to die for!
  10. I fell in love with Mara Hoffman’s beautifully patterned clothes, bathing suits and beach coverups.

I’d love to hear what some of your favorite things are  … LMK.

Happy New Year!!!!

[images clockwise from Kwiat, YSL, Kristen Farrell, Maoz Vegetarian, Mara Hoffman, Pinkberry, Rosewood Mayakoba, Amazon and Equinox]

Shoes, Glorious Shoes!


YSL Tribute Pump

YSL Tribute Pump

I’m like most women, I love shoes.  The higher the heel, the more I like ‘em … Unfortunately, I do much more walking as a stylist than I did as a lawyer sitting at a desk all day long and my feet can tell the difference.  Oh I succumbed to the new heel heights; I got a pair of the YSL Tribute heels to add 5.5 inches to 5’2″ self.  They’re absolutely beautiful, I mean they really are.  They take my breath away everytime I look at them, but wearing them is a whole ‘nother story!  I should own stock in Insolia because at this point I cant wear a pair of heels (low or high without them) – they force the weight from the ball of your foot to shift to your heel, so you’re not standing on your tip-toes all of the time, www.insolia.com.  However, I really need some everyday low heels that look good and feel even better.  I’ve looked high and low and am just coming up dry, dry as the Saharah.  I found some great platform Gladiator-type sandals by Kate Spade this Summer.  Were they comfortable you ask?  I bought 3 pair, what do you think?  I wish KS had decided to use the same base and make a similar shoe for the Fall.  I’m a girl with hips and not a lot of height, I need big hair and heels to balance my hips out a bit.  Wearing flats does wonders for my feet, but I dont love the overall effect.  So, I’ve been on a mission to find a comfortable, attractive wedge or platform heel to wear day-in and day-out.   For a cool downtown, jeans and fur vest look try the Kelly Clog by Kork-Ease.  If you’re a true hipster, the No. 6 clog boot might be for you, although your wallet may beg to differ at the starting price point of $340 – we are in a recession … but I love the blue patent leather ones.  I’m still thinking about those.  If money is no problemo, go for the Clergerie’s – they’re beautiful, well-made and COMFORTABLE.   I’ve found a few, but I’m still looking …  and better yet, I’m just starting to road-test ‘em, so I’ll keep you posted.