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London Calling …


Topshop SoHo

Topshop SoHo

Kate Moss’ much anticipated Topshop opens today in SoHo. By all accounts, having Topshop in NYC will help to satisfy the hefty palets of New York’s Recessionistas.  Their British counterparts are dumbfounded by the mania surrounding the opening of what many consider to be a mid-budget fast-fashion chain store that can be found on most London high streets. Young fashionistas on this side of the pond , however, are clamoring to buy the unique London street clothes the waif-ish Moss and her designs for the store have helped to make more popular than ever.  Just a little FYI, a credible UK source told me that the prices in the US will be higher than in the UK.

Of course the queues will be long (i.e., lines for those of you not up on your key British phrases), with this kind of hype what else do you expect?  But, rumor has it that Pinkberry will be served to those waiting in line.  Queue up I say!

Topshop, 478 Broadway btwn Broome & Grand.