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Navigating the “Trends”

imagesWebster’s defines “trendy” as ‘very fashionable’ or ‘up-to-date’. Some take this definition to heart and believe that in order to be fashionable each season, and there are now four seasons — Resort, Spring, Pre-Fall (these clothes hit stores between May and July, filling the gap left when Spring runs dry and Fall is still being produced) and Fall — they must buy the latest and greatest. Keeping up with the trends, like keeping up with the Joneses, is not for the faint of heart. Many who follow the trends believe they must incorporate all of the latest trends into their wardrobes; it’s a never ending pursuit. Unless you’re born with a bank account like the Rockerfellers and a bounce-back figure like Heidi Klum, maybe just maybe this not the best line of thinking to employ. Don’t fret if your ability to keep up with the trends is a little more Ugly Betty than Carrie Bradshaw – you can still wear the latest trends without depleting your bank account each season … How? It’s simple, be picky. Flip through a few catalogues and the Spring books (that’s what the publishing industry calls magazines) to figure out what the new trends are and what tickles your fancy. Identify items that will work with your figure and can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe. Maybe it’s that new pair of deliciously high 5” heels or maybe it’s that fabulous necklace made of silver chains and beads that will upgrade even your most basic t-shirt. Whatever it is, it should make you feel good when you put it on. If it looks great in Vogue but not on you, leave it at the store and find something that makes you feel like a million bucks. The worst thing about the changing seasons is that the latest trends aren’t for everyone. Don’t buy something just because it’s in, buy what you love. And if you don’t fall in love during a given season but feel the need to purchase a few items, shop sparingly at stores that wont charge you an arm and leg. So without further ado, check out my tips to find out what’s HOT for Spring 2009.