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WHAT: Christian Louboutin Sample Sale (no, your eyes are not deceiving you!)

WHY:  Because every girl should have a pair of his fabulous red-soled shoes. And just about every one can justify a pair at $300 a pop!!! Remember ladies, the starting price for a pair of Loo-Boos is $800.  Now,  although the powers-that-be are not really calling this one a sample sale (I believe their term is “flash sale”), for your purposes this is a sample sale, it’s just on-line.  Truth be told, the actual sample sale was a few weeks ago in New York City, but who needs to live in New York and stand in line for 2 hours when you can just let your fingers do the walking!

WHEN: Friday, May 28, 2009 – first thing in the AM!

WHERE: The OutNet


img00047From time-to-time when I learn of great sample sales, you know, those hard to find, you hear about after-the-fact type sales, I’ll do my best to clue you in.

WHAT: Hermes Sample Sale

WHY: Really Ladies, why not?  Hermes is the legendary French luxury label know for the iconic Birkin & Kelly bags.  Hermes is having a sample sale on its womens collection, including scarves, handbags and accessories.  It’s highly unlikely that you’ll walk away with a Birkin bag,  but you’d be surprised at what you might score!  Do your homework, check out www.hermes.com before you make your way downtown.

WHEN: 3.25.2009 – 3.29.2009, Wednesday -Saturday  10am-6pm  & Thursday until 8pm

WHERE: The Metropolitian Pavilion , 123 West 18th Street (btwn 6th & 7th Avenues)

The Art of the Sample Sale

I know, we’re in a recsession and no one’s shopping.  The economy is tanking and everyone is doing his or her part to save money by staying away from the stores. Got it.  But, on the off chance that more than a few folks are trying to maximize on the economy’s effect on the retail industry, take note.  Sample sales continue to flourish, both in Manhattan and online for those of you who dont have the pleasure of living on our lovely isle.  Ever go to a sample sale and wonder why you wasted your time? Lied to your boss? Skipped lunch?  Finally got around to logging into Hautelook.com  or Gilt.com only to find that the 1 item you really wanted has “SOLD OUT” emblazoned across it?  Here’s the truth, and if cornered any fashionista worth her weight in Prada will tell you the same, there’s a definite art to sample sale shopping …. Go early.  I know, the sale is going to run for 3 days so what’s the big deal, right?  If you really want that Hermes scarf, Missoni dress, or Kooba bag you’ve got to play the game by the unwritten set of rules.

  1. Go early.  If the sale begins at 10 am.  Get there no later than 9:30 to cue up.  Diehards will be there at 8:45 or 9 am at the latest to ensure they get what they’ve come for.  Bring something to read and be cognizant of friends meeting up with you – depending on the sale (Tory Burch or Kate Spade for example) a cat fight may ensue if folks feel that your friend is cutting the line.  If it’s an online sale, set a reminder for yourself so that you’re signing onto the site just a few minutes before the sale is slated to begin.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the brand’s merchandise.  Know what is, or was, in the stores.  This way, once the sale begins, it’s just a matter of locating your item rather than browsing through racks or pages online.  Trust me, while you browse others are making a beeline for the items they’ve already identified.  This is a sure way to walk out of a sale empty-handed and dejected. 
  3. Remember, lots of sample sale places don’t have individual dressing rooms if they have a changing area at all.  Wear your nice underwear … enuf said …. and wear clothes that are easy to get in and out of to make trying stuff on easier.  
  4. Pay attention to the fine print.  Some sales are final, some take cash only, some will only accept credit cards (and certain ones at that) …. Online sales usually permit returns but instead of getting your money back, your account will be credited once the shipping costs are deducted.
  5. And lastly, and most importantly, don’t buy something for the sake of buying something.  There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy every now and again, but if you don’t see what you came for  and/or if you dont find something that makes your heart sing – back away from the racks … Go home or back to work and try again next time, ‘cuz you know what, there will absolutely be a next time.