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Full Figure Fashion Week

The first ever Full Figure Fashion Week (FFFW) takes place this week, June 25th – June 27th, in New York just a few blocks away from Bryant Park and the tents of the famed Olympus Fashion Week.

The event is the collective brain-child of independent fashion designers, retailers, event producers, models and plus size industry businesses to increase economic development in the area of plus size fashion design, clothing merchandising and plus size modeling. The group’s goal is to highlight the very best in plus size fashions – both retail and independent designers, while providing an inaugural showcase of talented designers, models, stylists and plus size industry businesses that serve the plus size consumer.

Approximately 40 million women, that’s 60% of  women in the United States, wear at least a size 14.  Full-figure or plus-size refers specifically to clothing labelled size 14 and upwards for women.  Historically, it’s been difficult for full figured women to find well-made stylish clothes.  The internet, however, has birthed many online retailers catering to plus size women, including eskandarOld Navy Plus, Figuresque, Torrid, iGigi, eShakti, Evans and b&lu to name a few. In fact, industry researchers actually expect the plus size clothing market to continue growing faster than the overall clothing market into 2011. With this growth comes trendy new styles that – at one time – were only made available to straight sized women.

Gwen DeVoe, the Executive Producer of FFFWeek says, “It is time for designers, retailers, boutique owners and businesses with an interest in the plus size market to combine their resources and their talents to create a memorable event that will rival all other Fashion Weeks. We are uniquely qualified to make this event a success because we work directly with plus-size consumers and know what they want. They want great fitting, fashionable clothing that is readily available in stores and online. The plus-size consumer is a loyal consumer and because quality fashion items are so hard to find, they will be loyal to brands that they like.”

Kudos to those behind this momentous event!  It’s about time that all shapes and sizes are celebrated by the fashion industry.