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I Feel Pretty, Oh So Pretty!

What is it about going to the make up counter that some of us find exhilarating and others find loathsome?  One friend who’s eyes are always done, whether she’s going out on a date or down the street to the grocery store, told me that she loves buying makeup because the high she gets from being made up at the MAC counter is fantastic compared to the lows she sometimes experiences when shopping for clothes. (FYI:  the lows sometimes experienced while shopping are a whole ‘nother posting that I’ll focus on at a later date).

Back to the topic at hand, makeup.  It’s believed that makeup has been on the scene in one form or another since at least 3500 B.C.; in fact, during Ancient Egyptian times, Queen Nefertiti and King Tut are some of the first-known adopters.  The controversy over the wearing of makeup has been raging since the Middle Ages, when makeup was generally worn by those in the upper class although the church frowned upon its usage.  In the 1800s, Queen Victoria declared the use of makeup improper and for a time only prostitutes and actresses wore makeup (the Queen said it was ok for actors).  However, by the 20th Century makeup was in widespread use by women in most industrialized nations.

Whether you love makeup or not, if you’ve never had your makeup done professionally you owe yourself a treat.  Most of us have figured out our daily makeup routine and I’ll hazard a guess and say that 70% of you have been wearing the same family of colors for as long as you can remember.  What’s that old saying, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, right?  Wrong.  Change is a good thing.  At a minimum, have your makeup done by a professional once a year to learn new techniques, experiment with new colors and generally improve your appearance. You consult with your hairstylist regularly, right?  The same holds true for your “face”.  And honestly, once you learn how to properly apply makeup (which most makeup artists are chomping at the bit to teach people – typically, you’ll even go home with a face chart detailing what goes where and how to apply it) you’d be surprised at how easy it is to apply and I guarantee that you will love the results!

The best use of makeup is as an enhancement and truly, the best way to figure out how to enhance your features is to have the objectivity of a professional’s bird’s eye view.  Having a professional do your makeup doesn’t have to be costly nor do you have to come through the process looking “made up”.  You will spend a few bucks whether on the makeup artist’s services, products or both and you may feel like you have on a face full of makeup if you’re someone who rarely wears makeup.  Your gauge, however, is how your family and friends re-act to the new you and ultimately, how you feel about your new look.

If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water, stop by just about any department store makeup counter and ask one of the makeup artist’s to help you choose a new look for your eyes, for example.  The MAC makeup artists are well-trained, skilled and generally very good at coddling newbies.  Or, set up an appointment to have your makeup done by one of their artists.  If you are in the New York area and would like a more personalized experience in your own home, contact Karen Duncan or Dara Klein. Both are great make up artists and wonderful people to boot!  But, if the idea of having a stranger put their hands all over your face is not your cup of tea, there are 3 great books worth checking out Making Faces and Face Forward, both by Kevin Aucoin, and Make Up Your Mind by Francois Nars.

Maria (from Westside Story) said it best, I feel pretty, oh so pretty.  I feel pretty and witty and bright! And I pity any girl who isn’t me tonight.