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Inauguration Fever!



Accessories, accessories, accesories!

Are you going?  Do you have tickets to the actual inauguration?  Which balls are you going to?  There are still tickets available?!??!  Where’s your hotel room?  How are you going to get around DC?  Did you hear there all of the car services are booked?  ….  The devil is in the details, you’ve decided to go and now you dont have time to find that oh so perfect gown.  Yes, gown – this is one of the few occasions that calls for a sweeping floor gown.  Every girl should have at least one in case just such an opportunity arises.  No ball gown and no time to find one or money to buy one after the mint you just spent on tickets?  Not to worry.  Dust off your LBD, Little Black Dress for the uninitiated.  Whether you’re trekking to DC or going to inauguration festivities down the street, an LBD is the perfect dress to don for such a momentous occasion.  The devil is truly in the details.  You may not have time to find a “ball gown”, but you do have time to go to Banana Republic, H&M, Bendels, Bergdorfs, Forever21, JCrew, Saks, Neimans, Mango, take your pick to find the perfect accouterments to take your LBD from good to GREAT.  



Accessories can make or break an outfit; I cannot emphasize this enough.   Finding the right shoes, handbag, earrings, necklace (if the outfit calls for it), bracelet and cocktail ring makes all the difference.  Look for pieces that make your heart go pitter patter.  Half the battle in looking good is feeling confident in what you have on.  If your heart leaps when you find that perfect piece, you’ll wear it proudly.  Go for something that will be sure to spark conversation; the inauguration is not the time to let your inner wallflower come out.  As you sparkle around the party, a dazzling sight to behold, let others wonder where your verve and confidence come from.  Ball gown, be damned!