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Gild the Mistletoe – Spice up the holiday season by adding a little bling!


Elizabeth Cole

Conventional wisdom from the styling gods dictates that one should twirl in front of the mirror before leaving home, take off whatever catches your eye and not look back as you sail out the door in a cloud of perfume.  Throw caution to the wind for the month of December and sparkle until you cant sparkle anymore!  You should be the belle of the ball whether entertaining chez vous or heading out for a nite on the town.  Jewel tones were all the rage this Fall, especially purple, and can be easily dressed up with a little bling.  Caution and the wind don’t mix in your world?  The LBD is foolproof, chic, and downright sexy when worn with the right attitude.  Faux fur, fun fur, or the real deal, if it comports with your politics and your budget, is a must for any fashionista worth her weight in platinum.  Whatever you wear, wear it well this holiday season and you’ll be sure to turn heads wherever you go.