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Personal STYList: Scarf Tying Lesson

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My friend V got married in February 2009, but she just got back from her honeymoon.  She and her husband post-poned their honeymoon because they had a number of friends getting married in exotic locales the same year they got married – pretty selfless of them, no?  Anyway,  she honeymooned in India where she went on safari, spent time at the Taj Mahal (the Shrine to LOVE), met the Maharaja and shopped of course!  On one of her shopping trips, she met a man who sold beautiful silk scarves at a great price, so she bought a few.  Now, she has all of these beautiful silk scarves, but she’s stumped as to how to wear them.

As you know dear readers, I heart my Hermès scarves and I wear them all the time.  At this point in my life, my scarves are a part of my daily existence.  I know, you may say this has more to do with my age than my style but I beg to differ.  See this silhouette? It’s of me wearing one of my scarves.  Pretty cool, no?

Anyway, after her sojourn to India, beautiful silk scarves in-hand, V wants to wear her scarves without looking like a little old lady protecting her hair from the elements.  And who can blame her?  I wasn’t quite sure how to wear my first Hermès scarf either, but with a little help from the folks at Hermès, I figured out my favorite styles and came up with a few of my own.  There are some great online guides – check these out and let me know which style, or styles, you end up adopting as your signature style.

Scarf Tying Guides:

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Hermès I, Hermes II

Here’s to you and your scarf – wear her in good health!


[image courtesy of Hermès]