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I Heart My Hermès Scarf, Part Deux

Well folks, I just picked up Brazil from the Hermès store on Madison Avenue.  Here she is from a distance:

She looks ok, right?  Well that’s what I thought.  But then I looked closely and I admit it, tears sprung up in my eyes.  I realize that the folks at Hallak tried to fix her, I just don’t love the fix.  There were two holes in the scarf and apparently they were along the same fold line (honestly, I don’t really recall if there were on the same fold line on not, but based on the way she’s been repaired that’s all I can surmise).  Here’s a close-up:

See the black line down the middle?  That’s the fix.  Now you get the tears.  The saleswoman was lovely, I’ve worked with her before. Before I could speak, I could tell by her expression that she understood my frustration.  I calmly told her, “I’m not happy with the way this turned out.  I know I signed a release form, but I’m not happy with this.”  She felt my pain, said what were meant to be placating words and then went to have a talk with the manager.  While there I learned that I’m not the first person who’s loved her scarf to death and unfortunately, this is the “fix”.  They can’t weave the twill fibers back together.  However, all agreed that the fix does look somewhat like a band-aid upon further inspection.  Only this is a band-aid that can’t be peeled off when the boo-boo is healed.  Hermès agreed not to charge me for the band-aid.  Lesson learned?  Take better care of my scarves.  Carry them in my bag in a protective case (Ziploc bags are perfect for just such a thing) and store them in the flat square boxes they come in.

I’m sad, Brazil is still my favorite.  But, there are people in Haiti trying to figure out how to survive and service men and women in Afghanistan hoping to come home alive.  If my only disappointment is the repair of my Hermès scarf, I should count myself lucky and I do.  It’s easy to become tethered by earthly goods; my goal for 2010 is to loosen those ties, soar beyond them and be thankful for the wonderful family and friends I hold dear.  Because really, when it comes down to the come down, they’re what count most.