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Workin’ Day and Night . . .

MJ never said truer words.  How many times have you planned to go home after work to change clothes before going out only to realize that there’s no way you’re going to make it home AND make it to the restaurant, bar, or your PTA (sorority, board, [you fill in the blank]) meeting on time?  The thing about going from work to play is that you don’t necessarily want to look like you just came from the office when you meet your blind date for the first time.  You want to look professional, but more like a night time version of your professional self, right?  We’ve all seen the woman at the bar or restaurant, waiting for friends or her date, who looks like she must work at an ad agency or in PR because there’s no way she could be that fly and work at a law firm or a consulting firm.  You might be, right, she may have one of those cool creative jobs or NOT.  She just may be one of those people who knows how to go from day to night in a jiffy.  You too can be that woman.  All it requires is a little planning on your part.

Rule No. 1 – The IT Factor.  If you cant afford the latest “IT” bag, find a small funky purse or clutch bag to hold your essentials.  Check your tote or briefcase when you arrive at your destination if leaving it in the car is not an option.

Rule No. 2 – Get a Leg Up. Bring a pair of heels with you (no, not your work heels. Going out heels).  Take those Manolos, Jimmy Choos or Jessica Simpsons out of the box and bring them to work with you.  A nice pair of heels gives shape and definition to the leg and immediately dresses just about any outfit up. (If heels aren’t your thing, try Insolia shoe inserts to take the weight off the ball of your foot and make standing in heels much more comfortable).

Rule No. 3 – Change the face.  There should be some distinction between your daily face and your going out face.  If you don’t wear make up regularly,  put on some blush, lip gloss and mascara to brighten up your face a bit.  If you do wear make up regularly, re-apply and do something a little different – rather than a nude lip, go with color or go with a smokey eye, for example.

Rule No. 4 – The Sweet Smell of Success.  Spritz on a bit of perfume stashed in your Desk S.O.S kit to freshen up a bit.

Rule No. 5 – Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.  Let go of the safe “work” jewelry and funk things up a bit with a cool necklace, headband, bracelet or earrings that might border on wrong for work, but will be great for going out.  JCrew, H&M, TopShop and Forever 21 have some great moderate to low priced options to select from.

Rule No. 6 – Go out and have fun.   “Easy breezy” is your mantra.

Looking Good 24/7

We all have one.  You know, the friend who always looks perfectly put together no matter how little sleep she’s had or how much stress she happens to be under.  It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it, right?  What’s her secret?  Basically, her monthly maintenance routine is paramount to her well-being (like maybe chocolate is for you).  The maintenance routine varies from woman to woman, but generally consists of working out, eating properly, going to the hair salon, regular waxings and the like.  She may be working a gazillion hours a week, but she gets her eyebrows done like clock-work.  Her constitution wouldn’t allow her to behave otherwise.  No worries if your inner-peace is not contingent upon having your ‘stache (if you have one, you know what I’m referring to) done regularly, but if you want to make sure you put your best foot forward professionally and personally, here are a few tips to help you.

  • Maincures&Pedicures – If you have time for nothing else, maintain your nails.  Unkempt nails and chipped polish are no-nos.  No time to go to the salon?  Try Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri Nail polish, $5.
  • Signature Scent – If you don’t already have one, take the time to select one.  Here are a few tips to aid in the search for your signature scent:  ➊ Don’t wear cologne when you go to shop for a new fragrance; ❷ Narrow your choices to 3, spray them in different places on your arms and wrists; ➌ Get samples of the 3 and use each at home to figure out which works best with your body chemistry; and ➍ Over the course of time, build a “Fragrance Wardrobe”: day, evening & special occasions.
  • Looking a little too dewy in the middle of the day?  Blotting tissues are a great way to control oil production, you’ll never be too shiny or too matte.
  • Standing Appointments – Treat yourself to a day of beauty.  Make yourself feel special and insure you dont have to worry about remembering to make an appointment by making standing appointments with your hair dresser, your esthetician,  your colorist, your bikini waxer and your eyebrow gal.  TIP:  Make sure you have a contingency plan for when these folks go out of town.
  • Beat the Face – This is what the professionals call it.  Learn to put your perfect face on in 10 minutes so that you always walk out the door looking polished and put together.
  • Desk S.O.S. Kit – Keep a stash of your beauty essentials at work.  Just dupe everything in your cosmetics bag.  That way, if you leave it at home,  you are good to go.  Include deoderant, stain remover wipes or stick, perfume, blotting tissues and a curling iron or flat iron.

Follow these tips and the next thing you know, you’ll be the friend others use as their standard!