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The Change Over

closet-main_FullIt’s October, Summer really is over despite what the thermometer says.  If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to pack up your Summer clothes and pull out your Winter wardrobe.  Below are a few of my savvy stylist tips to help you organize your closet this Fall.  I promise if you follow these 10 steps, getting dressed this Winter will be easier because your clothes will be in great shape and you’ll actually be able to find them in your closet!

1. Wooden hangers save the shape of clothes and make your closet neater because everything hangs uniformly.

2. Keep your blue jeans blue.  Wash your blue jeans inside out and let them air dry. Throw in dryer for 5 min to soften.

3. Back in black. Wash black garments together & use detergent specifically for black clothes.  I love Perwoll Black Magic Laundry Liquid Soap.

4. Never ever put brassieres in the dryer.  Mesh lingerie bags are a great way to prolong the life of your unmentionables.

5. Keep the girls lifted!  Rotate brassieres daily to insure that the arms don’t get stretched out.

6. Dry clean your cashmere sweaters, but do so sparingly to preserve the fibers and shape, and invest in a sweater shaver.

7. Keep jewelry neat and easily accessible in a jewelry box or jewelry organizer.

8. Prolong the life of your favorite handbags/totes/clutches by storing them in dustbags.  If your purse didn’t come with a dustbag at purchase, wrap it up in an old sweathshirt or t-shirt.

9. Store shoes on shoe racks or in clear plastic shoe boxes so that you can see what you have.  Almost all of my shoes are sorted and stored in them – so much easier to find what you’re looking for when you’re rushing in the am!

10. Organize clothes in your closet by garment type.   Shirts with shirts, dresses with dresses, suits with suits and so on.  Once you get everything organized by garment type, go back and organize each type by color.  Trust me, it’s time well-spent.

Happy Organizing!

The Building Blocks of Style

 Underpinnings.  I’m not talkin’ ’bout your granny’s undergarments, I’m talkin’ ’bout lingerie made for today’s active woman.

Yummie Tummie Basic-T with slimming panel

Yummie TummieBasic-T with slimming panel

Lingerie that lifts, smoothes and supports works miracles; little bulges will disappear and clothes will skim over your hips perfectly.  If you’re not a believer in the holy church of all things shapewear, that’s just because you haven’t yet benefitted from the miracles it can perform! Yummie Tummie and Spanx really do work wonders.  No time to get to the store but in desperate need of a little nip&tuck? Dig out a pair of control-top pantyhose , they’ll do the trick in a pinch (cut out the legs if need be) …   As we age, bodies change and so do bra sizes; go to a department store with a sizeable lingerie section.  I’m partial to Bloomies on 59th Street in Manhattan – get sized to insure your foundation is rock solid!  Most of us haven’t been properly fitted for a bra since mom took us eons ago … Ladies, a good fitting bra will lift the girls and position them just right –  no more muffin top, no more sagging boobies and no more bra strap cuts.  Now to preserve your new brassieres, never ever put ‘em in the dryer.  Rotate your them on daily basis (i.e., you wear the same bra each Monday but no other day of the week) to prevent the arms (the sides for the uninitiated) from getting stretched out.  And lastly, invest in a good quality full slip as well as a half-slip to insure your dresses and skirts skim your hips just the way you want them to.  

“Slip?,” you asked perplexed, “that’s something my granny wore.”  You’re right, she probably did … who says we can’t learn from those Grand Dames - back in the day those ladies were suga’ sharp!  Take a page from history and include it in your lingerie drawer.