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I overate this past holiday season. And because I overate, I did not sleep well.  Which means that on more than one ocassion, I found myself wide awake at 3 am surfing the ‘net.  Truth be told, although sleep would have been welcome, it was nice to catch up on something of the things my hectic 4th quarter prevented me from doing … you know, reading books, magazines, perusing my favorite websites and blogs, etc.  One of my early morning discoveries was ASOS.  I knew ASOS existed.  For those of you who don’t know, ASOS stands for As Seen On Screen.  Yup, if you see someone on tv or in a movie wearing something and you must have it, ASOS is the online store for you.  In essence, it’s a global online clothing store that stocks some of the hottest designers and great knockoffs for the 16 year olds they cater to, see below for more explanation.

Anyways, I’ve linked to ASOS a million times from other sites and blogs and had a pretty good sense of the type of clothes they stocked.  Well, let’s just say I spent a good chunk of time on their sale page.  Great clothes and good sale prices, but I was shocked at how young and how SKINNY the models were.  I mean really?  Anyone that young and skinny cannot afford to pay for a $500 pair of leather jeggings on sale, right?  Then, I looked at the “About Us” page and was a little dismayed to discover that their target audience is fashion forward 16-34 year-olds. Really?  Don’t they know that 40 is the new 30?!?!!?  But, that did explain the stick thin models without an inch of curve.  That said, my late night online carousing did inspire me to re-commit myself to the gym and Physique 57. I’ll never be a skinny 16 year old again, nor do I want to be, but I do want to get back to my fighting weight and there’s no time like the present to put a plan into action.

Mission Organization

In my quest for organization, I knew that one of the first things I needed to do to get the clutter in my head in hand was to clean up my computer’s desktop. Between STYLE by Kalyn Johnson, Possess Your STYLE, effie’s paper and Kalyn Johnson Design (the custom side of effie’s paper) I have anywhere from 6-10 files open daily.  Simplifying my computer craziness was a top priority. Et volia! I stumbled upon an app in the Mac App Store called Colored Folder Creator. Definitely worth the $6.  When you download the app you get the screen pictured above. In order to keep projects and client files organized and easily findable on my desktop, I use the glass color files. But, you know I love an animal print and a pretty pattern – these I use for personal files. It took me almost a day to get my desktop organized, it was truly a HOT MESS! But the time spent was well worth it. I try to stay on top of my files daily, but at a minimum I cleanup my desktop weekly.  What about you?  What are your secrets for keeping your computer files organized?

My Favorite Things 2011

Is it just me or is time flying? When I was little, it seemed like it took forever for December to get here and now its hard to believe that December 2010 was twelve months ago.  Where did the time go?  Well, hopefully your time in 2011 was spent well and with loved ones as much as possible.  As we bid adieu to another year, here’s a peak at some of my recurring obsessions in 2011.

  1. My MRS lowball glass.  It’s the gold leaf, the lips and of course a good splash of bourbon that makes this one of my handsdown favorites.  Plus, they make great wedding gifts!
  2. PINTERST.  I’m a little obsessed with Pinterest.  Need a 15 minute sanity break? Pinterest.  Talking on the phone and multi-tasking? Pinterest. Looking for great images? Pinterest. Creating a wish list? Pinterst. Need I go on.
  3. Yves Saint Laurent. There’s just something about YSL’s Tribute Pumps that I can’t get enough of.  No, they’re not for every day, but they are just the right combo of sexy+sophisticated when you need ‘em.
  4. Fonts!  I’ve always been a sucker for cool fonts . . . and now effie’s paper gives me license to pursue fonts to my heart’s content.
  5. A Game of Thrones.  I LOVED the first 2 books and the HBO series and spent much of 2011 reading them, watching them and talking about them.  Seriously, if you haven’t read them and you’re of age, give George R.R. Martin’s masterpiece a go.
  6. Warby Parker. I’m a bit smitten with my glasses from Warby Parker. I’ve got the Beckett’s in black matte.  Even on my worst day, they make me look hipL&cool.
  7. Colorful Interiors.  I think this past-time grew out of #2 above.  There are some really beautiful homes out there.  I love my home, but I also love being a voyer into the homes of others and their decor choices.
  8. Hipstamatic!!! Learned about this gem from my husband, the app guru.  If you have an iPhone (see #9 below) you gotta check this out.  It makes digital photography look like analog pictures from back in the day – lenses, film stock and photo frames. My camera app of choice. It’s free (ok, like $1.99) & Droid users, I think they’ve created an app for you too.
  9. My iPhone.  Love the iPhone.  Not so in love with Siri and the email search function (miss my Blackberry’s capabilities here dearly), but I do feel a part of the apple generation now that I have the coveted iPhone. Not free, but worth every penny so far.
  10. The YSL Easy Bag.  Yes, YSL is on here 2x.  What can I say, they know what they’re doing over there in France.  The Easy Bag is hands-down, my all-time favorite purse.  It’s great for travel, lady who lunch lunches and all the things in between.
And yes, I’m still addicted to my iPad, I think that one just goes without saying!  So, these are the things that have made a difference for me in 2011 – some needed (uh, Warby Parker) and some just for fun (Hipstamatic).  What about you – what are some of the things you started using or acquired in 2011 that now you can’t live without? Honestly, whether you can live with or without things is neither here nor there … I’m excited for 2012 and all that it holds in-store!  I wish you good health, prosperity and much joy in 2012.
Stylishly yours,


New Year’s Resolutions?

If you’re like most of us, you’re spending the last few days of the year you’re thinking back on all you’ve accomplished (yeah!!!) and all you did not (no one’s perfect, right?) in 2011.  As I head into the new year, I’ve decided to approach my New Year’s resolutions a little differently for 2012.  Instead of listing out a bunch of things I’d really like to do or that I’d really like to do better, I’m going to focus on my umbrella resolution. If I’m successful with my umbrella resolution, it will have a trickle down effect and make an impact all of the other things I like to be able to do in 2012.  My resolution for 2012 is to commit to being more ORGANIZED.  My watchword for 2012 is ORGANIZATION.  I resolve to be more ORGANIZED.  If I am able to become more ORGANIZED:  

  • I will be on time for appointments (because I won’t be surrying around trying to finish something up before I head out the door), 
  • I will make it to the gym 3x a week (because I won’t be behind and won’t feel guilty about choosing exercise over work), 
  • I will consume a healthier diet (because I will make it to the grocery store with a list), etc.  

Do you see where I’m going here?  Anyway, what about you – what is your New Year’s resolution?


Merry Christmas!



May the Christmas spirit be with you today and always!


So Much To Do . . .

Exactly how I’m feeling about my holiday shopping!  I’m not usually this disorganized.  Unfortunately, I waited until the last minute to do my holiday shopping and I’m paying for it now.  In fact, I’m usually on top of things and have at least thought about the gifts I want to buy and where I’ll be purchasing them.  Alas, this is not the case for HOLIDAY 2011.  Oh well, there are still 3 more shopping days.  Do you do your holiday shopping throughout the year?  After Thanksgiving, starting on Black Friday? When?  What are your best tips for successful (i.e. stress-free) holiday shopping?



It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

And, I hope I look as festive as this Kate Spade model at half of the holiday parties I’ve been attending this month!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks what with the pharma hack (who by the way was foiled by my amazing media guru), effie’s paper, holiday parties and gift buying to be done.  That said, although the blog is not as pretty as it used to be, stay tuned for our new look in 2012.  But in the meantime and in between time, I’m glad to be back and have all sorts of goodies to share with you.  Stay tuned ……  Happy Friday!!


Please Pardon Our Appearance!

We are still rebuilding things here at Possess Your Style after an unfortunate hack.  My media guru used her awesome web 2.0 skills to eliminate the hack and clean the site up.  But unfortunately, we ran into a few more hiccups.  Hence our interim appearance. Thanks again for your patience!

Stylishly yours,


STYLE Crush: Shayla Monroque


Like the rest of the fashion world, I admit it, I’m smitten with Shayla Monroque.  The 32-year old from St. Lucia who’s made a big splash as one of today’s major style icons and muse to many a designer like Miuccia Prada and Jason Wu.  She’s elegant, demure and flashy all at once.  From a small Caribbean island to a jetset lifestyle with her life partner, prolific art gallery owner Larry Gagosian, she seems to have it all and then some. Cheers to a classy lady! May a little bit of her lady-like style rub off on all of us.

[photos courtesy of Easy Fashion Paris, New York Magazine, Notorious Mag & The New York Observer]

Pardon Our Appearance . . .

We’ve been M.I.A. for the past couple of weeks because Possess Your STYLE was hijacked by a pharmaceutical hack.  Fortunately, my media guru used her awesome web 2.0 skills to eliminate the hack and clean the site up.  Hence our interim appearance.  Since our look has changed a bit, I’ve decided to give the blog a little facelift.  Expect to see the blog back in full-swing after Turkey Day.  And as always, thanks for your patience!

Stylishly yours,


A Little Monogram In Your Life . . .


I’m a sucker for just about anything with my name or initials on it.  I think it stems from growing up in an era where everyone had simple names like Lisa, Jane and Amy and I had a name no one could pronounce much less spell properly.  My name was NEVER EVER on a key chain or license plate at places like SeaWorld and Disneyland.  I was lucky to find the letter “K”.  I think as a means of compensation, my mom got whatever she could monogrammed for me.  I had book bags, jackets, sweaters and overnight bags with my name emblazoned on them.  While as an adult I’m happy to have a such a unique name, I’m still in love with the idea of monogramming whatever I can get my hands on.  So, while I haven’t pulled the trigger on one of Louis Vuitton’s Mon Monogram specialities, I do go to their website from time-to-time and play around with the colors, stripe options and various initial combinations trying to figure out which I would get if I were going to buy a new Speedy bag or get a Neverfull.  What color combo would you go for?  I’m partial to purple and orange ….  

Grown & Sewn

Denim + Khaki = KAX, Grown & Sewn’s denim khaki hybrid made right here in the U.S. of A.  I discovered this gem a few months ago.  And I must say, Grown & Sewn has taken khaki’s to a whole ‘nother level.  Gone are the days of fellas looking uber preppy in their khaki’s (yes, Grown & Sewn is just for men); not that there’s anything wrong with looking uber preppy … I’m just saying that if you want to look uber cool in your khaki’s, KAX by Grown & Sewn might be the grown up version of the khaki to don.  These puppies are not cheap, prices start at $195 and go up from there, but they’re durable, 100% cotton, come in 5 different colors and are made to last. They’re an updated twist on a classic; I’m sure they would make James Dean proud.  So, fellas if you’re looking to diversify the casual Friday or weekend wardrobe, check out Grown & Sewn either online, at their shop in Tribeca or at Barney’s.  And ladies, if you’re looking for a unique gift for one of the guys in your life Grown & Sewn might be the answer.

Happy Shopping!