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STYLE Crush: Shayla Monroque


Like the rest of the fashion world, I admit it, I’m smitten with Shayla Monroque.  The 32-year old from St. Lucia who’s made a big splash as one of today’s major style icons and muse to many a designer like Miuccia Prada and Jason Wu.  She’s elegant, demure and flashy all at once.  From a small Caribbean island to a jetset lifestyle with her life partner, prolific art gallery owner Larry Gagosian, she seems to have it all and then some. Cheers to a classy lady! May a little bit of her lady-like style rub off on all of us.

[photos courtesy of Easy Fashion Paris, New York Magazine, Notorious Mag & The New York Observer]

STYLE Crush: Blair Eadie

Blair Eadie has become the darling of the blogsphere and print media alike.  Hence the above advertisement that is in Vogue’s September issue. Now, I know that you my dear readers think of me as a fashion blogger.  And I truly truly appreciate it each and every time you click open one of my blog posts.  But what you may not know is that I had a little identity crisis back in 2010 when I was just beginning to carve out my niche as a blogger. I attend the then start up (i.e., nominal cost to participate, now $600 a head for non-members) Evolving Influence: Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference held in New York for the first time during Spring 2011 Fashion Week.  I was excited to go and meet people like myself!  I went and about two hours into the eight-hour day, I realized that while I was definitely a blogger, I was NOT a fashion blogger in the sense that the other attendees considered themselves to be fashion bloggers.

What was the difference?  Well, in a nutshell, there were lots of people there who took photographs of themselves and posted them on their blogs daily. These folks were not particularly well dressed (in my humble opinion), their photographs were not particularly interesting to me and their commentary (aside from itemizing what they had on, store/website and cost included) was nothing to write home about. Hence, my identity crisis. My takeaway? Blogger, I was. Fashion blogger, debatable. This was two years ago when the groundwork for all of this was being built.

To stay relevant, I read a lot of blogs, some more regularly than others, but I like to keep abreast of what others are talking about. Recently, I’ve been seeing a blog called Atlantic-Pacific pop up all over the place.  And the young woman behind the blog, Blair Eadie, is being written about by everyone.  So, I checked out her site and thought hmmm . . . She does have style.  And, an enviable style at that.  She works in the fashion industry in San Fransisco and posts photos of what she wears to work daily. What makes Atlantic-Pacific different?  I think what won me over is three-fold:  (1) The girl has STYLE, (2) She has a job and a point of view and (3) Fashion insiders are taking her seriously, hence the Vogue photoshoot.

Below are some pictures from Atlantic-Pacific.  I’d love to know what you think. Do you read “fashion” blogs for information? Inspiration? Or, perhaps a little bit of both?

[photos courtesy of Atlantic-Pacific]

Paper Fashion

Have you seen this image somewhere?  Did it make you wonder how Target got so hip?  Or, this one?

They’re the drawings of Katie Rodgers, a hip young fashion illustrator who’s drawings have caught the eye of everyone from Coach to RUE magazine (she illustrates their blogger profiles). If I could draw, I’d want my illustrations to be just like Katie’s!  Her drawings have that certain je ne sais quois that makes my heart leap with each and every one of them I see.

And, if you’re like me (and I suspect you might be since you’re reading this, even if your just a little bit like me) and you like a little touch of glam here and there, you swoon as I did when I saw Katie’s glitter drawings on her blog Paper Fashion. Again, the problem of not having an office with walls is rearing it’s head because if I did, I’d be making a bee-line right over to her store to buy a few prints to adorn my office walls and inspire my creative juices!  There’s nothing like a little sparkle to make everything all right. (You can quote me on that!)

[illustrations by Katie Rodgers]

A Little Touch of Glam

I admit it.  I’m a little obsessed with Kelly Wearstler and her design aesthetic.  I fell in LOVE with The Viceroy hotel she designed in Anguilla – it’s absolutely stunning and now my favorite place to visit.  Her decor at The Tides hotel in South Beach is another gem that I love to frequent when in Miami.  She’s got just the right touch of modernism with pops of glam, glitter, metallic and whimsy that just make my heart go pitter patter.

Known for her daring outfits and sometimes whimsical color combinations, she’s now put her design aesthetic to clothing.  You gotta love a woman with an empire, no?  She’s got wall paper, linens, home accents, a design firm and now a clothing line!  Her Fall 2011 collection will be sold exclusively at Bergdorf Goodman, where she sells her beautiful but pricey home accents, in a specially designated area that will be designed by Wearstler herself.  Donning Wearstler’s togs will be an investment —price points range from $205-$1,395 for clothes; $155-$995 for jewelry; and $795-$995 for bags.

So what do you think?  Should she stick to interiors or is this the right next step for the Wearstler dynasty?

[photos courtesy of Kelly Wearstler]

STYLE Crush: I Want To Be Her!

It happens to even the most fashionable of us.  We see someone walking down the street and instantly, if only for a moment, we want to be her! Her hair looks great, she’s got the bag you’ve been coveting or maybe it’s the whole package – the way she put her ensemble together that makes you want to go home and start your day all over again.  Well Andrea Linnett, fashion vetran and co-founder and former creative director of Lucky Magazine (remember there was always an illustration of her on the last page in some of the things she was craving at the moment?),  and the current creative director of eBay Fashion, agrees!  Because she wants to be a different woman every day – sometimes she sees her on the street, sometimes she sees her in a magazine – and try her clothes on even if it’s just for one day; Andrea has started the blog I Want To Be Her! Simple concept, yes.  Fun to read, definitely! A little dose of style inspiration with links to ebay retailers who may have something similar for you to buy.  You can check it out here; who knows, she might want to be you next!

[photo credit: Michael Waring]

Fascinated With Fascinators!

The girl who would be Queen, has fascinated us with her fascinators!  Now, by the time this post hits your inboxes, Kate Middleton will be Princess Catherine.  And to her credit, she has made a name for herself all over the world not with her designer duds and gaggle of celebrity friends, but with her High Street sense of style.

What is a fascinator you ask? A fascinator is a headpiece.  A delicate, slightly-to-very frivolous head decoration worn almost exclusively by women. A fascinator may be worn instead of a hat to occasions where hats were traditionally worn—such as weddings—or as an evening accessory. I became obsessed with fascinators a few weeks ago.  I needed a hat for a luncheon I was attending and I decided that I wanted one of the cute little numbers Kate Middleton is so fond of donning. If I told someone I was looking for a fascinator they looked at me a bit dazed and confused, but if I told them I wanted a hat like Kate Middleton’s they new exactly what I was talking about.  Not bad for someone under the age of 30 (she’s 29) who’s been dressing herself without the aid of stylists and haute couture designers thus far. I’m thinking we might have a style icon in our midst.  Only time will tell, but in a short period of time we’ve become fascinated with her fascinators!

Want your own fascinator, but you’re not working with a budget fit for a Queen? Check out my foray into the world of milinery on FaceBook. Yes, I fashioned my own fascinator.

Hip Hip Hooray for Princess Catherine & Prince William – may their cups of happiness runneth over!

[photos clockwise, courtesy of Bridefinds, Lisa's History Room, Laura Hughes & Lisa's History Room]


It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I realized I was in a style rut.  There were lots of great things that happened at lavish! (finally meeting my friend Shameeka in person, connecting with other bloggers I’ve been following and hanging out with my BFF Nicole), but I think the best thing for me was the realization that my daily attire has gotten a bit boring.  I work from home, I run errands, go to meetings, etc.; I always look appropriate, but unless I’m going out some place special or on vacation I wear my uniform.  Right now, my uniform consists of black cashmere, black leather (skirt or jeans), an interesting necklace, a cool pair of shoes or boots and I’m good to go.  Then, I met Kristen Giorgi at a cocktail party.  Lovely lovely young lady, but what drew me to her was the effortless way she wore the sequin top below with a pair of satin cargo pants.  It was the perfect outfit for the occassion.  She reminded me a bit of the younger version of myself.  Someone who’s always a little overdressed or overdone, depending on how you view the situation, but looks great nonetheless.

On the surface we have very little in common, but Kristen loves fashion, has a style blog and she’s an aspiring fashion stylist — plus, she has a great eye. From time to time you’ll see images from her blog, Sorellina, here.  To put it bluntly, I think I’ve gotten a little lazy.  It’s takes more effort to put an outfit together than it does to throw on a uniform.  So, Kristen’s become my muse in all things sparkly, fun and lady-like.

Point in case, I met Kristen, got inspired and made plans to go out with some friends for drinks. My BFF Susan who lives in the burbs happened to be downtown for her husband’s holiday office party the same evening.  She calls to say she can’t believe she’s down the street and we’re not hanging out.  Believe it or not, I’m literally on my way to the bar across the street from where she’s having cocktails with her husband’s co-workers.  So, she tips out to meet me so that we can have a 10 minute in-person catch-up.  We meet on in the middle of the street and she says to me, “Oh my God, where are you going?!?!?  You’re so dressed up!”  I had on black heels and tights, a sequin skirt, a charcoal grey wool jersey t-shirt, sparkly earrings and a fur coat.  I told her about my STYLE Crush and my resolution to get back to finding the joy in wearing the clothes I’ve amassed.  She chuckled and we had our 10 minute catch up before each hurling ourselves back into our frenzied worlds.

Lesson learned?  Although our society has become a much more casual, I’m not really that person.  It may take me a few minutes longer to get dressed in the morning, but that’s not a bad price to pay.  Inspiration is all around us and often in the form of the unexpected.  Thanks Kristen!

Who’s your STYLE Crush?

p.s. – Yes, in case you were wondering, I did run out and buy that sparkly sequin top (mine is silver).

[images courtesy JP, Kristen's husband]