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Bloody Mary Anyone?

Bloody Marys are my favorite Sunday brunch cocktail, the spicier the better as far as I’m concerned.  Nothing beats a good homemade Bloody Mary, but if you don’t have the time or the inclination to mix up a pitcher of Bloody Marys from scratch, try Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix.  To DIE for if you like your Bloody Marys with a little heat on ‘em!

I learned about ZingZang from my BFF Portia’s mom a few weeks ago in Detroit while having lunch at the Renaissance Center.  I admit it, I was a little hung over from the night before and 45 minutes in the gym did very little to help me over the hump.  So, I decided to bite the hair of the dog that bit me.  I ordered a Bloody Mary to cure what was ailing me (for the uninitiated, Bloody Marys are supposed to cure hangovers).  Originally from Mississippi, and back in the day one of the leading tastemakers in “The D”,  Mrs. R sang the praises of ZingZang in a way that made both me and my other BFFs, Nicole and April, want to try it immediately.  I went out and bought it as soon as I got back to NYC.   And, Mrs. R was right, ZingZang did not disappoint.  So, while I’d prefer to whip up a batch of Bloody Marys from scratch, I now have a great secret substitute. I think I’m taking some ZingZang up to the Vineyard this Summer.  Thanks Pearl!


Keep Calm & Carry On

Keep Calm and Carry On.  These five words were originally on a propaganda poster created by the British government in 1939 at the beginning of World War II, but never used.  The poster was rediscovered in 2000 and has been used on clothing, mugs, tote bags, bumper stickers, baby clothes and other merchandise from various vendors.  Leave it to the Brits to be relevant 70 years later!

For me, these five words, kind of sum it all up, no? I’ve adopted “Keep Calm and Carry On” as my new mantra.  What’s your personal mantra?

Sex and the City 2 | Carrie On . . .

Believe it or not, I missed the first season of  Sex and the City on HBO.  I was living in New York and I guess I was so busy living my own version of Sex and the City that I was completely oblivious to the show.  My friend Portia, who was living in Detroit at the time, convinced me to start watching the show.  I watched the re-runs in the off-season, got caught up and became a devotee.  I remember exactly where I was when I watched the final episode. The loose ends were tied up and although I was sad that the series was over, I was elated that Carrie and Big, a.k.a. John, finally ended up together.

Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I found something else to occupy my time on Sunday evenings, rumors of a movie sprouted.  I was excited, but afraid to get my hopes up for fear of being disappointed.   Nevertheless, I,  like many of you, went to see Sex and the City -The Movie on opening day. I went with my friends Karla and Adrienne.  We’d ordered our tickets in advance, but we weren’t prepared for the line at the theater. Our lack of planning meant that we were scattered throughout the theater sitting next to strangers.  Own my own, I laughed, I cried and emphathsized with Carrie just like I did when watching Sex and the City at home on Sunday evenings.  For the record, I LOVED the movie!  The movie came out on a Friday and the three of us went back on Sunday to see it (although the theater was packed, we got there early enough to get 3 seats together).  More laughter, tears and empathy.  My friends and I related to the movie on a variety of levels.  I know there’s a cohort of women who were disappointed in the movie’s story line, but being about the same age as the characters in the movie, the realistic portrayal of the complexities of relationships rang true for us.

Carrie got BIG on terms that worked for them.  Charlotte took off her rose colored glasses and still found happiness. Samantha came back to reclaim herself and her city.  And even Miranda began seize the day, slow down and smell the roses. Perfect ending.  And then about a year ago, I heard a rumor that Sex and the City 2 was filming around the city.  Then, the billboards with SJP in that fabulous white Halston Heritage dress were plastered all over the city. And now the count down is on . . . Sex and the City 2 opens in about 6 weeks on Thursday, June 3rd.  Be there or be square! Gather your posse and get ready to be lulled back into that wonderful concrete jungle where dreams are made of . . .


The Other Kalin | March Madness . . .

Kalin Lucas propped up by teammates as he cuts down the net after the Spartans beat Tennessee

I’ve been out of the March Madness loop just a tad bit.  I know it’s March and that means the NCAA Basketball Tournament is underway, but since I’m no longer part of an office pool it’s easy for me to escape the madness if you get my drift.  But, last night, my grandfather who is a die-hard supporter of any Michigan team – the Lions (he’s no fairweather fan), the Tigers, the Wolverines (Michgan – What’s up with the animals?) and yes, even the Spartans (We’re a Go Blue! family) but Detroiters support Detroiters, green, blue or otherwise – tells me that the Spartans are going to the Final Four.  Woo hooo!!!  If UofM can’t be there to represent, the next best thing is MSU.

Armed with this knowledge, I pick up the sports page this morning and learn that the star of the Spartans is also named Kalyn.  Kalin Lucas.  I read a little further and learn that he was the driving force behind the team and definitely the player Spartans’ fans had pinned their hopes on, but he’s been sidelined with what appears to be a torn Achillies tendon.  Here’s where it get’s crazy, so I am! Sidelined with a torn tendon I mean.  I tore my planterious tendon while on a little ski-cation back in February; I realize it’s not the same as getting hurt while trying to take my team to the National Championships, but the parallels are uncanny, no?  And of course, we’re both from the same place – Detroit.

See here’s the thing.  With a name like Kalyn, I’ve only met one other person with my name who wasn’t named after me.  When I was little, there were no key chains, license plates or notepads with my name on them.  People ALWAYS mis-spelled and mis-pronounced my name.  I resolved to change my name to Karen when I became an adult so that I would no longer have to suffer these indignities (petitioning Walt Disney to include my name on the Minny Mouse keychain seemed like a wasted effort).  My Aunt Kay (for whom I’m named) convinced me that while Karen is a nice name, my name, Kalyn is a beautiful name and makes me unique. So, when I hear that there’s someone else named Kalyn, even though he spells it Kalin, who’s also from Detroit, it just makes me smile.  What are the odds? I’ll be rootin’ for Kalin and the Spartans this weekend in my Spartans gear, maize and blue be damned!  Maybe there’s more to this March Madness than meets the eye . . .

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A PurpleBerry!!!!!

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a little obsessed with the color purple.  My website, my blog and my Twitter page are all purple.  I don’t really know why I’m obsessed with all things purple.  I just am.  Other people like pink, blue, green, grey, brown, red, orange, yellow and black.  I like purple.   I’ve loved the color purple, and anything purple (with the exception of many grape flavored things), since I was a little girl.  If I had to pinpoint my first purple memory, it’s of my father and his fraternity brothers – Omega Psi Phi.  Their colors are purple and gold (and yes, my wedding colors were purple and gold, sounds tacky but it really was quite tasteful if I do say so myself .. come on, I’m a stylist, I have an eye for combining the not-so-obvious!).  I’m a daddy’s girl, so I guess it’s not surprising that I adopted purple as my favorite color.  Oh, and my niece Jada recently informed me that her favorite color is purple – go Jada!   I’m in good company;the artist formerly known as Prince loves purple and based on the eggplant craze, apparently lots of other folks are also obsessed with this vibrant hue.  And the folks at RIM finally got it!  They’ve created a purple, yes a purple Blackberry!  A PurpleBerry!  I’m gaga.  I absolutely LOVE my gold leopard print rhinestone Blackberry cover – it’s soooo sparkly – but I may have to trade that bad boy in and trade up to a purple BlackBerry Curve 8530.  Decisions, decisions …


Stylishly Bookish

I love to read.  I usually read 3 or 4 books at a time.  My voracious reading habit is part of what makes owning a Kindle so perfect for someone like me.  But, if I do pick up an actual book, I’m one of those weird people who prefers to read a hardcover book without the paper wrapping; and, what better way to do so than with a pretty cloth-bound book like the ones above?  They’ll look great perched just-so on my bookshelf in their rainbow of shimmer and I know one would look great peaking out of my bag too -although it will certainly weigh my bag down more than my Kindle.

As much as I love my Kindle, these new clothbound Penguin Classic Books made my heart flutter when I saw them.  They’re soooo pretty.  The covers and spines are printed with matte colored foil on cloth with designs that are timeless yet modern. I truly want to own each and every one of them.  The covers were designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, a self-proclaimed detail enthusiast.  Her penchant for detail does not disappoint.  What makes the collection so unique is that the cover of each book depicts an a central theme of the novel – waves for Homer’s The Odyssey, peacock feathers for The Picture of Dorian Gray, Scissors for Little Women and so on.  So very cool and oh so stylish!

And to think, you thought style was just about clothes.  Maybe I can convince my book club to agree that we should re-read the classics  . . .

[images courtesy of Penguin Books]

Snow Day!!!

Wooo hooo!!!  We’re having a snow day here in New York – bundle up ‘cuz it’s cold outside! With the way it’s continuing to snow, I have no doubt that the snow will last through the weekend.  I’m looking forward to cuddling up with a few of my favorite magazines (Baazar for my fashion-fix and T&L to daydream about my next vacation!); a good book – I discovered Mennonite in a Little Black Dress at JFK last weekend and downloaded it to my kindle; my iTouch; a well-made latte; my favorite chocolove candy bar; and my painting my nails with my new color obsession – black diamond by China Glaze.

What are you doing during this Snowmageddon?!?!  If you’re some place sunny, please don’t rub it in!