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In Kalyn’s Suitcase . . .

I’m headed to South Carolina for a week of frockling at the beach, eating great food and hanging out with good friends.  Recently, every time I get ready to go out of town, I’ve had a carry-on bag dilemma.  To say that I’m addicted to YSL’s Easy Bag is an understatement.  While it is a fantastic Ladies Who Lunch bag, as my husband calls it, it is not a great tote bag for travel.  Why? Because it’s really a purse and not a tote.  See, it’s almost too big a purse to sight-see with, it’s usually too big to take to dinner and I certainly don’t want random people bumping into it on the train in New York, much less a metropolis I’m seeing for the first time (can I get an amen here?).  The solution?  This Gucci “70′s tote” – yes, it fuels my Disco Fever! – I can put my laptop, ipad and other essentials in here along with a smaller purse that I can pull out when I get to my destination.

Nope, this bag isn’t traveling with me to South Carolina because I don’t own it yet . . . a girl can dream though!

So, what’s your carry-on secret?

[image courtesy of Gucci]

In Kalyn’s Suitcase . . .

I travel a fair amount and I take all sorts of trips.  Weekend jaunts to the country, long weekends visiting my sister and her family, trips to the Caribbean, time in Florida and vacations to other locales in and around the globe.  I like to think of my self as a member of THE JETSET (although THE JETSET may beg to differ!); I pride myself on being able to pack for a trip anywhere for any duration in under 5 hours.  I’m a stickler for lists and have files where I store my lists for various types of trips.  I thought I was on top of things.  Then, I stumbled across this wonderful app for anal-retentive listmakers everywhere – Packing Pro – via my friend Sherelle.  It’s amazing!

Packing Pro allows you to create lists (i.e., weekend trip to Connecticut, 2 week trip to Italy, and so on) for any and every destination.  You can create lists for yourself, your kids, your spouse, you and your spouse.  You can customize the screen and choose the font and colors you want.  If you’re not sure where to begin, the geniuses at QuinnScape have even created sample templates to help you get started.  Oh, and it allows you to create pre- and post- packing “To Do” lists (you know, the list you make to go to the drugstore before a trip and the post-trip list of items to go to the dry cleaner, etc); I said it was for those of us who fall into the anal-rententive spectrum  . . . And best of all?  This app stores your lists and creates a master catalogue of all of your stuff!  Do you hear me?  I mean really, when I learned about this feature, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.  (This is particularly useful if half your clothes are in storage when out of season, but those are just the clothes you need for an upcoming trip).  This app works for iPhones, iTouches and iPads, but it’s not free.  I didn’t think twice about paying $5.99 (iPad/$2.99 iPhone) for something that will help to streamline my life. There’s also another version simply called Packing for $2.99 (iPad/$.99 iPhone).  The difference between the two is slim, but if you’re in-charge of coordinating your packing along with that of anyone else, go ahead and splurge for the $5.99 version. Click here to learn more about this app.

In Kalyn’s Suitcase

I travel quite a bit.  At this point, I’ve pretty much got packing down to a science. I’m going to visit my niece and nephew in Bloomington, Indiana this weekend for my niece’s 4th birthday.  Jada’s having her 1st birthday party, the theme is Princess-Ballerina.  Fun, right?  Lot’s of purple, pink, tulle and sparkles! (Well, she is my niece). We’re all pretty excited (my parents are flying in too), but Miss Jada is just gaga with anticipation. I’m packing light  . . . my camera of course, comfy pjs, a Princess and the Frog DVD for Jada (last year for her birthday we went to see the movie at the movie theater and she’s been talking about seeing it again ever since) and my favorite Dr. Seuss book, My Book About Me, for her that I loved when I was her age, a tattooed cashmere sock monkey for Jared and my iPad of course!