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Girls Love Mail :: Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer will, if it hasn’t already, touch all of our lives. You may be personally affected by it, or you may know breast cancer survivors, women who are currently battling the disease or possibly women who succumbed to it. Look to your left and then look to your right, most likely one of the women in your vicinity is dealing with breast cancer in one way shape or form – it might be her own battle, her mother’s, her sister’s, aunt’s or friend’s. Early detection is key. Self-exams and mammograms are our armor. Encourage your friends and family members to do monthly self-exams, to schedule routine mammograms and to TALK about their experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. Breast cancer is the private reality of many many women.
A positive attitude, love and encouragement are the battle weapons often used successfully by breast cancer warriors. Join us this month (and hopefully for many months to come) by participating in the MILE of MAIL campaign launched by Girls Love Mail.  The goal is to send 5,280 letters of encouragement to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. It’s simple – take 10 minutes out of your day to write from the heart to encourage someone to keep her head up and her spirits high.  Enlist your friends and kids to join you in this heartwarming endeavor.  To learn more about Girl’s Love Mail and what to write, click here.  Drop your letter in the mail to the address below and GLM does the rest for you!


Girls Love Mail
2330 E. Bidwell Street, Suite 200
Folsom, California 95630

Happy Father’s Day!

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Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads, uncles, grandfathers, men who step-in to pinch hit and single moms!  Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered why I am totally fixated on the color purple, read my little ode above to my darling Father.


Do You Know Lonny?



If you don’t you should!  Lonny is a FAB interior design and lifestyle magazine founded by designer Michelle Smith and photographer Patrick Cline. We’re soooo excited because one of our favorite bloggers, Coco from Cococozy, was featured in Lonny’s May 2012 Blogger Style section where she listed some of her favorite items . . . and guess what!?!!? You guessed it, she mentioned the Son of A Bee Sting! notecards from effie’s paper (in addition to Jonathan Adler and Ralph Lauren, amazing company to be in, right?!?!).  So, I’m gushing just a bit because I love Lonny & Cococozy and I’m just delighted that they like us too.

p.s. Son of A Bee Sting! is from our Bespoke Bloke collection . . . I know, you don’t know about this collection yet, stay tuned. And in the meantime, check out the entire Bespoke Bloke collection here.

Bringin’ Sexy Back!

Justin Timberlake isn’t the only one  Bringin’ Sexy Back!  According to Ebony magazine, so is effie’s paper … I’m delighted to share this great feature on effie’s paper in Ebony magazine!



Hello! I know, it’s been awhile … South Africa was AMAZING.  I didn’t quite know what to expect, but boy was I hit with inspiration.  So much so that, literally while out on a safari game drive in the Sabi Sands, I was taking notes on my iPhone for the newest collection of stationery from effie’s paper.

See, here are my notes:


And here’s how the notes translated into our designs:

And here’s a sneak peak at how one of the designs was translated into the new collection:


I had such a good time creating this collection, I think it might be my favorite to date. I can’t wait to share it with you, so without futher ado, click here to see the entire effie’s paper Out of Africa collection!

A Lady Never Kisses & Tells . . .

A few weeks ago I was in Bloomington, Indiana for my niece’s birthday party.  We spent some time roaming the aisles of Party City buying party hats, balloons and a piñata!!! (She turned the BIG 5).  Although the holidays were over, the folks at Party City were preparing for our next biggest greeting card holiday, Valentine’s Day.  Seeing all the hearts and candy, especially the Sweethearts candy boxes, reminded me how much fun Valentine’s Day was when we were kids.  It wasn’t about whether you had a beau, were wishing you had one or were disappointed that the one you had didn’t believe in the magic of Valentine’s Day  … it was about choosing your the Valentines you were going to give to everyone in your class (yes, everyone!), addressing them and then handing them out at school . . . Valentine’s Day was fun and filled with candy, giggles and lots of smiles.  You told your best friend how much you loved her and generally just celebrated being happy.

So I got to thinking …  Why not create a special collection for Valentine’s Day?  Kind of an adult version of what we had when we were kids?  Et volia! The Kiss Collection was born.  Make someone’s day this year by sending out our grown-up version of your childhood Valentine’s! If you’re in the mood, head on over to effie’s paper to order your Valentine’s Day cards by February 3rd for arrival before Valentine’s Day.

Lovely Day!

Lots of exciting things have been happening in the past couple of weeks.  effie’s paper was featured in The Huffington Post on Monday! Click here to read the article.  And, I had the great fortune of being featured, along with my good friend Kathleen Hyppolite of kat flower, on Janie Medley’s The Bride’s Cafe (the mother of all bridal blogs!) last week. Kathleen is a florist extraordinare who took time out of her busy schedule to give ‘lil ‘ole me a tutorial on flower arranging.

As Bill Withers says, “A lovely day – lovely day, lovely day, lovely day, lovely day … “

[photo credit Mel Barlow]


AphroChic is one of my favorite blogs!  If truth be told, I’ve been know to be a little obsessed with AphroChic.  AphroChic is run by Jeanine Hays, also a former lawyer, who is inspired by beautiful home furnishings and decor.  Interestingly, she’s inspired lots and lots of interior designers and bloggers alike; she’s a contributor on and is a darling of the design world.  So, imagine my delight when I had the chance to meet her in March at the New York launch of her textile line?!?! Surely, it will come as no surprise then that I was OVER THE MOON when she said she wanted to do a feature on effie’s paper . . . click here to see what the fabulous Ms. Hays had to say about my little paperie.


What exactly is Lifestyle+Charity?  It’s “Where social life meets social good.” Don’t you agree?  I love their philosophy!  Launched in 2010, Lifestyle + Charity is an online network for socialites who embrace their social life with a passion for philanthropy. Lifestyle + Charity provides its readers and viewers insider access into the social-philanthropic culture through its multimedia platforms: magazine, TV, website, network, events, and deals.  So you can imagine how delighted I was when they asked to interview me and learn a little bit more about effie’s paper.  Click here to read the interview.

Oh, and dear me, lest I forget, what socialite doesn’t love a good soiree? Lifestyle+Charity is known for its LC MAG Parties — the next one is on 09.22.2011 – Be there or be square! Spend $40 for a good time and a good cause.

The Building of A Brand

The last couple of months have been a blur as Team effie’s paper prepared for the National Stationery Show.  When I declared in February that effie’s paper was going to be an exhibitor at NSS, I had absolutely no idea about all that is involved to create a mini-showroom to exhibit our products at our first ever trade show.  If I knew then what I know now, I dare say I may have pushed things off until 2012.  But, they say that God helps fools and babies.  I clearly do not fal into the latter category, but I must admit -at times – I felt like I fell smack dab into the former!

Back in February when I made this decision, I had just hired the fabulous website design folks at Ashay Media Group to give the effie’s paper website a facelift.  I had a definite idea of how I wanted the site to look and feel and thank goodness Cherise TrahanMiller is a mind-reader, because she got me immediately. She and her team created a beautiful platform for my litte paperie!

As the faceelift got underway, we were putting the finishing touches on THE JETSETTER collection and then I began designing THE EXOTICS collection.  There was soooo much to do and soooo little time …. I wanted the booth for NSS to have the look and feel of our new website.  In a brainstorming session, my friend Coco from Cococozy came up with the idea of blowing up one of the designs to use as wallpaper on one side of the booth.  Once that inspiration hit, I knew exactly how I wanted the booth to look, but I wasn’t exactly sure how to get what I had in my head on paper and to the booth construction folks.  And then, along came my wonderful assistant, Erika.  I explained to her how I envisioned the booth and she, being the artist that she is (no wonder she has a BFA and I don’t!) made renderings using this great free 3-D design tool called Google Sketch-Up.

As you can see, we went through a few iterations to arrive at the final booth design, but I was pleased as punch with the way everything came together.

Participating in NSS was an amazing experience!  I met a lot of really great stationers from all strata of the industry, which was very exciting because sometimes when you work for yourself you’re in a vaccum of your own making and it’s very easy to forget that there are others out there working towards a similar goal.  In addition, effie’s paper was featured in the National Stationery Show Daily (kind of like the Women’s Wear Daily of the stationery world) on Day 2 of the show, check out page 15 here. And believe it or not, they tell me that preparing for the show was easy and that the really hard work begins now – follow-up!

It was an amazing experience; I’m already planning for 2012.  I’m going to be ahead of the curve next year!

Stylishly yours,

I’m delighted to announce that our new effie’s paper website has officially launched! Scoot on over and check out our new designs and collections – THE JETSETTER, THE EXOTICS, THE URBANITE, OH BABY!, IT’S SOCIAL, & GREEK CHORUS - we’ve got a little something for everyone.  And to celebrate Spring, we’re offering 15% off with the promo code SPRING from now through May 25th.

p.s. Don’t forget that Mother’s Day and graduation season are just around the corner — our stationery&whatnot make great gifts!

[photo credit: Judith Rae]

The effie’s paper Foundary Event Has Begun!

The effie’s paper Foundary event has started!  You can see it here.