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Although it hasn’t been a particularly harsh Winter, it’s been an extremely drying one.  No matter how much water I drank to keep myself hydrated or how much lotion I applied, my hands were ridiculously dry.  I mean we’re talking looking like an old lady’s hands dry.  But, a few weeks ago when I was in Bloomington, Indiana for my niece Jada’s 5th birthday party (I’m telling you time flies! I was there for the birth and now 5 years later she’s a force unto her own) my sister hipped me to Vaseline’s Deep Moisture-creamy formula hand lotion.  It’s made all the difference in the world!  If you’re having trouble with dry hands and feet this Winter, this will make a good addition to your arsenal.  It’s a little pricey, almost $10 bucks, but no one said beauty was cheap.  Find this Life•Saver here.

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  • I love this product. I too have really, really dry hands. Another product I just love is the Paraffin Super Softening Hand Lotion made by Bath and Body Works. It is hands down one of the best hand creams out there. Runs about $12 bucks for 6oz but totally worth it and you only need a pea-sized dollop (they also make a fab foot cream). Neutragena’s super-concentrated hand cream is also a good one. It’s about the same price as Vaseline’s Deep Moisture. And finally, Mary Kay makes an incredible hand treament. It’s a super-emollient handwash followed by a very heavy hand cream. I tried it at a party once and was pretty impressed.That’s my hand cream junkie report!

  • I have a difficult time with moisturizers in general. I am allergic to most lotions so I use lots of oils (olive, grape seed, almond) and products like good old vaseline, but I have never tried this vaseline cream. Great suggestion. Now on my shopping list.

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