Save The Ta-Tas

October is breast cancer awareness month. I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  But, what I do want to impart is that breast cancer will, if it hasn’t already, touch all of our lives. Whether it affects you personally or you know survivors, women battling breast cancer or of those who have succumbed to it, this disease is pervasive and knows no bounds. This week in the news we learned of E! tv’s Guiliana Rancic’s unexpected bout with breast cancer; I applaud her courage for revealing something so private. This week she is the public face of the private reality of many many women.  Look to your left and then look to your right, most likely one of the women right beside you is dealing with breast cancer in one way shape or form – it might be her own battle, her mother’s, sister’s, aunt’s or friend’s. Early detection is key. Self-exams and mammograms are our armor. Encourage your friends and family members to do monthly self-exams, to schedule routine mammograms and to talk about their experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. I challenge you to tell 10 friends and ask them to tell 10 friends to tell 10 friends today. Your encouragement could help to save someone’s life. Knowledge is power.

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