Game Day!

Tomorrow is Saturday and ESPN College Game Day!!!! Huh?  Yes, believe it or not, I am a College Game Day Junkie.  To those of you who knew me when we were at The University of Michigan, this probably comes as a surprise because I looked forward to Game Days so that I could wash my clothes in peace at the dorm, I know.  I went to my first and last football game Freshman year and left before half-time because I was afraid I was going to be passed up and down the rows like a beach ball. That said, ever since I left the green pastures of Ann Arbor, I’ve been filled with nostalgia. And what better way to evoke positive memories of college than Fall weather and football?  Watching ESPN College Game Day transports me back to the days when all I had to worry about was what to wear to the party at the Union on Friday night and hanging out with my friends who I couldn’t imagine my life without.  Scary how part of my job is to worry about what someone else wears to their fancy-shmancy party on a Friday night, but I count myself lucky that those all important friends still surround me today.  So excuse me if I allow myself a little voyeurism every Saturday during Fall College Football season.


And oh did I mention, that my husband is a Sooner FANaTIC?!?!?!  We’ll be in the stands at The Red River Rivalry cheering the Sooners to victory tomorrow. Woo hoo!!!  Oops … I mean BOOMER SOONER!

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  • Where I live and work its all about V. Tech or UVA. Its difficult to have people understand how an entire town is TRANSFORMED by a Saturday afternoon of football. Oh how I miss Ann Anrbor and I will forever say GO BLUE!!!!

  • Sooo….what will be your game day attire? What would Kalyn wear?

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