Possess This: The 2.55 For The Hoi Polloi

Remember The Democratic Birkin?  Well, ThursdayFriday, the company behind the Birkin bag for the masses has done it again . . . This time they’re bringing Chanel to the masses!  Even though the veritable House of Hermès sued their pa-tooties, they’ve come back with The Diamond Series – a line of totes and pochettes emblazoned with an image of the classic Chanel flap handbag.The new totes bags come in two sizes, priced at $65 and $90, and the small pochette (with a pom-pom!) is priced at $35.

Gotta love it, right?  Who says everyone can’t have a Chanel bag?  Well, Chanel just might ….. So, if this is your one opportunity in this crazy economy to get a Chanel bag, you might want to do it quick, fast and in a hurry before Chanel gets mad and files a cease and desist order.

Decisions, decisions ……

[images courtesy of ThursdayFriday]

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