AphroChic is one of my favorite blogs!  If truth be told, I’ve been know to be a little obsessed with AphroChic.  AphroChic is run by Jeanine Hays, also a former lawyer, who is inspired by beautiful home furnishings and decor.  Interestingly, she’s inspired lots and lots of interior designers and bloggers alike; she’s a contributor on HGTV.com and is a darling of the design world.  So, imagine my delight when I had the chance to meet her in March at the New York launch of her textile line?!?! Surely, it will come as no surprise then that I was OVER THE MOON when she said she wanted to do a feature on effie’s paper . . . click here to see what the fabulous Ms. Hays had to say about my little paperie.

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