Vain & Vapid

The past 6 months have been absolutely fabulous, but they’ve gone by in a complete blur.  There have been amazing highs and along with those highs some pretty low lows.  Life’s all about the peaks and valleys – the dark times help make the good all the brighter.  Pretty deep, huh?  Ok, well now on to to the vanity.  As I’ve been moving at the speed of light through the past 180 days, my closet has been in an absolute shambles. During this time period, we’ve gone through a season change and I’ve been on more planes than I can count on two hands.  Through it all, Style Maven though I purport to be, I’ve been living in a clothing chaos.  So, this past weekend when on Saturday, July 29th, I experienced what seemed like my first real languid day of Summer, I got myself organized.  And then I took things a step further.  A comsumate list maker, I began to mix and match my outfits in a notebook in Evernote. I created categories and delineated them by notes – Day, Ladies Who Lunch, Evening, Weekend, Travel. Then in each note, I listed my Summer outfits and variations on each theme. Vain? Yes.  Vapid? Probably. Helpful? Most definitely!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do . . .

[photo courtesy of Vanity Fair]

2 Responses to “Vain & Vapid”

  • I just love, love, LOVE your blog!!! xoxo

  • I also love evernote for keeping track of business, lists and style. For my wedding last year, it had a photo of and instructions for my hair/veil look, a note for everything I was wearing the 3 wks We were away, a note for wedding, pool and day make-up, ect. I make similar list like you do for my day to day wardrobe as well, including packing list for trips. I must say that I’m impressed by your cataloguing of your clothes. I haven’t gotten that good yet. The best part of evernote is that it us in the cloud and available on all your devices.

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