Silly Is, As Silly Does

You probably live under a rock if you are not familiar with the silly bandz craze that has rocked the nation’s teen, tween, elementary and pre-school sets. There are even silly bandz shaped like the Kardashians (yes, those girls have monetized just about everything they possibly can . . .).  Not to worry, the jewelry designer for Lulu Frost, Lisa Salazar, and her sister Dr. Jen Salazar and Jen’s husband, Dr. Marc Lemchen, orthodontists (thought those tidbits pictured above looked familiar didn’t ‘cha?) are the brains behind braced-lets or silly bandz for adults as they’re more commonly known.  They’re kind of fun in a Summer-y, kitch-y kind of way don’t you think?  I first learned about braced-lets yesterday when I was having a drink with my friend Kathleen of katflower catching up, comparing notes on blogging, our businesses and the like when I noticed her bracedlet. Our conversation stopped mid-flow when I noticed her bracedlet and had to immediately inquire about it. Being the fashionista that she is she was rockin’ it well, but couldn’t tell me much more about it then she got it at as swag at some swanky event.  Well that’s not fair, she knew they were referred to as silly bandz for adults. I was intrigued.  What say you?  Would you wear a bracedlet?

[image courtesy of bracedlets]

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