Pretty or Ugly?

I’m a little obsessed with layering gold link bracelets for the Fall.  Of course, I stumbled upon this pave little gem and all thoughts of gold just fell away. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?  And this number has just the right pricetag, only $118 at JCrew.  Here’s a true confession, I own a few truly fabulous pieces of jewelry from JCrew.  Believe it or not, JCrew has some absolutely amazing gems and this bracelet is just one of the many in their overflowing jewelry box. Jenna Lyons, JCrew’s President and Creative Director, has taken JCrew to the next level and I’m happy to be along for the ride as she introduces the world to the pleasures of sequins, leopard print, bold jewels and bright colors.  Is it gaudy? Or just right?  Would you wear this layered with a great gold watch and a few interesting gold bangles?

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