Embrace Your Inner Prepster

Stubbs & Wootton slippers are staples in the wardrobes of preppy fashionistas from the UES (the Upper East Side in Manhattan) to Nantucket and Southern Belles in states like D.C., Virginia, the Carolinas and Texas.  And now, they’re staples in the wardrobes of rappers like Kanye West (he spied them on a Yale undergraduate student at Barneys who he ended up hiring as one of his fashion coterie. Yes, he did!). If you don’t remember the lessons imparted by The Preppy Handbook or are too young to have memorized its dictates from cover to cover, what makes Muffy, Buffy, Biff and them preppy is that everything they do and wear and are about comes from old money. Although Stubbs & Wootton has only been around since 1993, somehow Percy Steinhart, the mastermind behind S&W, has been able to carve out a niche in the prepster world that makes owning the obligatory pair of his witty velvet slippers de regieur.  Now, if shelling out $400 – $600 (the Bespoke line where you get to choose each element of the slipper) is a little rich for your blood, JCrew, Zara and ASOS all have their own versions priced between $75 and $300.  Get ready to embrace your inner prepster this Fall!


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