Southern Comfort

Although I was born in Nashville and have traveled to some Southern gems like New Orleans, Charlotte and Atlanta, I’ve spent very little time in the Southern regions of the U.S. of A.  So, I am very interested in exploring Charleston and all that it has to offer.  We began by eating our way through Charleston – in two days, I’ve sampled the fare at Cru Cafe, McCrady’s, The Palmetto Cafe and Husk.  And while I’ve not yet begun to get my shop on (a Charlestonian belle provided me with a list of her favorite haunts to check out), just from walking around I’ve been able to discern two things – it’s all about the monograms and antiques down here.

In addition to getting the lay of the land, I always try to find a book or two to help give me a better perspective on life in an unfamiliar local or a book on the history of the area.  To learn more about Charleston’s charm, I’m reading Pat Conroy’s South of Broad.  Tell me dear readers, what do you do when in a new locale for the first time?

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