Possess This:

I saw these buckle bracelets by leighelena online a few months ago and knew I needed to have at least one immediately.  This knowledge was filed away in my mental rolodex.  I met up with a new friend for coffee a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she’d just seen them at a store around the corner.  What’s amazing is that she couldn’t even remember who they were by, but her description was enough to let me know it was the same leather bracelet I’d mentally filed away (I couldn’t have told you the name either).  We left the coffee shop and made a bee-line for the boutique. I chose my bracelet and went happily on my way.  They come in single and double-strand as well as wide; I opted for the double-strand.  They range in price from $69 -$125. The current line of skins will be available through August . . . Hmmm . . . .well, there’s definitely enough room on my arm for another should something from the next line tickle my fancy!

[image courtesy of leighelena]

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