Packin’ Bling!

Ok, so I admit it. I’m at a loss.  As you all know, I travel quite a bit . . . but I’m loathe to admit that I have not yet figured out how to satisfactorily pack my bling.  The real stuff is in a small jewelry roll that never leaves my side and goes from my tote/handbag to the hotel safe like clockwork. It’s the statement pieces I’m talkin’ ’bout ….. I got a great necklace from JCrew awhile ago. It came in a lovely silver box. Why did that silver box, affixed with two rubber bands become my travel jewelry box? It made me cringe everytime I opened it up, but it did store my bling quite nicely (everything was in a separate jewelry pouch). Now, I know some folks believe in ziploc bags, but they haven’t proven to be adequate jewelry storage for me (I use them to store all kinds of stuff in my suitcase, but I haven’t found them to be particularly useful when packing jewelry).  How do you pack your gems for travel?

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  • Oh, gawd. I’m so terrible about this! I have these little silk bags that are sized about 6×9 inches that I brought back from China. I put a few pieces in each, roll then up and then stick the whole lot in a slightly bigger silk back. I have no idea why and I know there must be a more efficient, certainly more fashionable, way of doing it. But that’s what I do.

  • I have a jewelry drawstring pouch, but it doesn’t hold big pieces; I don’t know what to do with those either!

  • Love this post!!! The Container Store has a few nice options. A velvet roll (comes in 3 colors) -
    They also have cute small velevet pouches for under $4. But with all your FAB arm, neck and hand candy you may need a few rolls – LOL!!!

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