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I’m headed to South Carolina for a week of frockling at the beach, eating great food and hanging out with good friends.  Recently, every time I get ready to go out of town, I’ve had a carry-on bag dilemma.  To say that I’m addicted to YSL’s Easy Bag is an understatement.  While it is a fantastic Ladies Who Lunch bag, as my husband calls it, it is not a great tote bag for travel.  Why? Because it’s really a purse and not a tote.  See, it’s almost too big a purse to sight-see with, it’s usually too big to take to dinner and I certainly don’t want random people bumping into it on the train in New York, much less a metropolis I’m seeing for the first time (can I get an amen here?).  The solution?  This Gucci “70′s tote” – yes, it fuels my Disco Fever! – I can put my laptop, ipad and other essentials in here along with a smaller purse that I can pull out when I get to my destination.

Nope, this bag isn’t traveling with me to South Carolina because I don’t own it yet . . . a girl can dream though!

So, what’s your carry-on secret?

[image courtesy of Gucci]

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  • You are headed to one of my very favorite locales! Have fun in SC.

  • I too Am in LOVE with my YSL easy bag this summer. But I think the great part about it is that the sides pop up and it turns into a tote. I have used it as my Carry-on the past few trips but I am not taking my laptop either so i could see where you need more space. What’s in it: IPAD, Hermes scarf (courtesy of Kalyn’s first paid styling gig), LV travel portfolio with credit cards, passports, and detailed grid of what i have packed and what im wearing during the trip (i hate overpacking and equally hate not having what i want to wear), make-up bag bc I don’t want my precious make-up getting knocked around in my wheelie, toletrie ziplock bag for TSA, bottle of water, couple pieces of fruit for snacking and a large cashmere scarf that can double as a wrap later in the vacay.

  • If it’s big enough to hold a bottle of xanax, germ sanitizer, mascara, and a lap top – - I’m good. lol (Says a Betty Bap in her 40′s…)

  • While it is not as classic as the Gucci; I just bought the Kathy Van Zeeland Zip Top Shopper w/Crinkle Patent Trim in the Steel Zebra color. I plan to take this to Vegas next month. It’s durable and stylish without looking too plastic like some patent bags. Inside it I will carry my netbook, kindle, wallet, make-up bag, magazine, a snack and a smaller crossbody bag to use for shopping and site seeing.

    See it here:

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