STYLE Crush: I Want To Be Her!

It happens to even the most fashionable of us.  We see someone walking down the street and instantly, if only for a moment, we want to be her! Her hair looks great, she’s got the bag you’ve been coveting or maybe it’s the whole package – the way she put her ensemble together that makes you want to go home and start your day all over again.  Well Andrea Linnett, fashion vetran and co-founder and former creative director of Lucky Magazine (remember there was always an illustration of her on the last page in some of the things she was craving at the moment?),  and the current creative director of eBay Fashion, agrees!  Because she wants to be a different woman every day – sometimes she sees her on the street, sometimes she sees her in a magazine – and try her clothes on even if it’s just for one day; Andrea has started the blog I Want To Be Her! Simple concept, yes.  Fun to read, definitely! A little dose of style inspiration with links to ebay retailers who may have something similar for you to buy.  You can check it out here; who knows, she might want to be you next!

[photo credit: Michael Waring]

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