Paper Fashion

Have you seen this image somewhere?  Did it make you wonder how Target got so hip?  Or, this one?

They’re the drawings of Katie Rodgers, a hip young fashion illustrator who’s drawings have caught the eye of everyone from Coach to RUE magazine (she illustrates their blogger profiles). If I could draw, I’d want my illustrations to be just like Katie’s!  Her drawings have that certain je ne sais quois that makes my heart leap with each and every one of them I see.

And, if you’re like me (and I suspect you might be since you’re reading this, even if your just a little bit like me) and you like a little touch of glam here and there, you swoon as I did when I saw Katie’s glitter drawings on her blog Paper Fashion. Again, the problem of not having an office with walls is rearing it’s head because if I did, I’d be making a bee-line right over to her store to buy a few prints to adorn my office walls and inspire my creative juices!  There’s nothing like a little sparkle to make everything all right. (You can quote me on that!)

[illustrations by Katie Rodgers]

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