Life•Savers . . .

A shoe liner that will wick away moisture AND not mess up the inside of your shoe? Sounds too good to be true right?  Think again.  Silver Linings really do work.  How? Well, there’s some sort of grippy stuff that’s not sticky but grippy that insures the silver lining will stay in place in the toe box of your shoe (which means they’re re-usable!).  So, yes it does stay in place.  Now the million dollar question, does it wick away moisture? Damn skippy it does! I road-tested a pair in 5-inch heels at an all day ladies who lunch luncheon affair which included cocktails, walking the runway, dancing and socializing.  At the end of the day my feet were tired, but they were not sweaty.  Siliving Linings may give Insolia a run for it’s money as my favorite foot Life•Saver!  Find this Life•Saver here and go sockless this Spring!

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