Disco Fever Redeux!

Remember these beauties from last Fall? They were $650 and sold out at JCrew! Well, I guess JCrew re-ordered too many or better yet, maybe there were a number of people like me who realized that they couldn’t stomach the price tag no matter how fab they might look on. Well, guess what!?!?! I got a pair a few weeks ago.  Mine are black. How you may ask?  My good friend JT to the rescue.  JT’s good for helping me spending some dough!  A JCrew sale email popped up in her inbox one morning and like the dutiful friend she is, when she saw that the seqin harem pants were on sale for $199 she emailed the link to me and insisted I buy them. (She knows me well and knew I’d regret it if I let these suckers get away). It didn’t take much arm-twisting for me to let my fingers do the walking over my keyboard to the “purchase” button on JCrew’s website.  Do I LOVE them? YES! Were they worth the wait? YES! Would I feel this way if I had paid $650+tax/shipping? No way.  Good lookin’ out JT!

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