Tales From The Racks

A few weeks ago I was in Atlanta working with one of my VIP clients. We were in the Tory Burch store at Phipps Plaza; my client was paying for her purchase and I was checking my emails when I heard an unfamiliar voice call out my name (pronounced correctly!).  I looked up and before me was a woman I felt like I should know, but whose face I couldn’t place.  I smiled and greeted her.  I think she could tell by the puzzled look on my face that I was running through my mental rolodex trying to figure out our connection.  She came to my rescue and said, “I read your blog!”  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather.  But for the fact that I was working at that very moment, I probably would’ve keeled over. It was such a wonderful moment, dear reader, you totally made my month!  Thank you for stopping me and thank you for your kind and generous words.  And, thank you to all of you for tuning in weekly to read my about my adventures, musings and missives on all things STYLE-related.

A heartfelt hug to you all!

Stylishly yours,


[photo courtesy of LuxurySociety]

4 Responses to “Tales From The Racks”

  • How often does that happen? It’s wonderful to know that people notice. I hope that you had a wonderful weekend and your week is off to a great start.

  • What a great story, Kalyn. Thanks for sharing. I do appreciate what you do.

  • A celebrity in the making! I always look forward to reading your style musings.

  • Kalyn, I”m over the moon! Meeting you in Tory Burch Phipps Plaza was a thrill indeed–having you note in this blog how special the encounter made you feel makes it even more delightful!

    Greeting you attired in my baseball cap & sneakers was quite the embarrassment, but I could’nt let the moment pass without an acknowledgment.

    My favorite Kalyn Johnson style features:
    1) Yves Saint Laurent Statement Pump
    2) Hermes Scarf Repair
    3) Paris Shopping Guide

    If I ever leave the practice of medicine & shed my scrubs for a real wardrobe, I’ll be sure to book a consultation.

    Best Wishes from Atlanta,
    Kamela Coleman, M.D.

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