Stylishly yours,

I’m delighted to announce that our new effie’s paper website has officially launched! Scoot on over and check out our new designs and collections – THE JETSETTER, THE EXOTICS, THE URBANITE, OH BABY!, IT’S SOCIAL, & GREEK CHORUS - we’ve got a little something for everyone.  And to celebrate Spring, we’re offering 15% off with the promo code SPRING from now through May 25th.

p.s. Don’t forget that Mother’s Day and graduation season are just around the corner — our stationery&whatnot make great gifts!

[photo credit: Judith Rae]

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  • Kalyn,
    Wow…I absolutely love the Effie’s Paper website and all the beautiful new designs you have. The site is so eye-catching and dynamic, and I love all the color! Like you, I am a paper fanatic and am always looking for new and exciting products. Effie’s Paper has been added to my life of go to sources for fabulous paper products. Continued success!

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