Pretty or Ugly?

I think I like these, but I’m not sure . . . They’re gold. CHECK.  They’re platforms. CHECK. So they totally cover my Disco Diva delusions of granduer! Are they comfortable is the question? They’re Italian, by Prada, and therefore they should be comfortable for walking for around in Italy, right!!!??!!? Come on, help me out here. I know, it’s probably wishful thinking on my part . . . but they sure would look good!

5 Responses to “Pretty or Ugly?”

  • Disco Diva- yes! Ladies with a proclivity toward teetering- yes! I’d rock them but not completely in love with the overall chunkiness.

  • They look just like you but I can’t imagine walking on the cobblestoned Italian sidewalks and streets wearing them!

  • Come on Kalyn…….have no fear!Remember the shoes you wore on your wedding day in Mexico? You rocked them that day,and you will do the same with these…and gold too? Wow! Glitz and glamour!Go for them! They were made for you! Your feet will be the talk of the party! Everytime you wear them I hope you’ll think of me:).

    Happy Easter!


  • Pretty, yes. Love the platform! Love the gold! But when you say “walking around” – how long do you mean? These are definite ankle-busters so my vote is wear them for dinner but find something a wee bit less tottering for walking around :-)

  • LOVE the color, the cork and the straps but I doubt you can walk very far in these!

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