Fascinated With Fascinators!

The girl who would be Queen, has fascinated us with her fascinators!  Now, by the time this post hits your inboxes, Kate Middleton will be Princess Catherine.  And to her credit, she has made a name for herself all over the world not with her designer duds and gaggle of celebrity friends, but with her High Street sense of style.

What is a fascinator you ask? A fascinator is a headpiece.  A delicate, slightly-to-very frivolous head decoration worn almost exclusively by women. A fascinator may be worn instead of a hat to occasions where hats were traditionally worn—such as weddings—or as an evening accessory. I became obsessed with fascinators a few weeks ago.  I needed a hat for a luncheon I was attending and I decided that I wanted one of the cute little numbers Kate Middleton is so fond of donning. If I told someone I was looking for a fascinator they looked at me a bit dazed and confused, but if I told them I wanted a hat like Kate Middleton’s they new exactly what I was talking about.  Not bad for someone under the age of 30 (she’s 29) who’s been dressing herself without the aid of stylists and haute couture designers thus far. I’m thinking we might have a style icon in our midst.  Only time will tell, but in a short period of time we’ve become fascinated with her fascinators!

Want your own fascinator, but you’re not working with a budget fit for a Queen? Check out my foray into the world of milinery on FaceBook. Yes, I fashioned my own fascinator.

Hip Hip Hooray for Princess Catherine & Prince William – may their cups of happiness runneth over!

[photos clockwise, courtesy of Bridefinds, Lisa's History Room, Laura Hughes & Lisa's History Room]

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  • I’ve been obsessed with fascinators ever since I figured out that what these quirky little hats were called. Loved your DIY version. You’ve inspired me. I may have to do this as a project when my niece visits this summer.

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