As The Body Changes . . .

I used to call them blondies, but alas no more.  They’ve taken root and taken over. Initially, I vowed not to become a slave to hair color.  That worked for almost a year. I’d get my hair colored if I had an event coming up and wanted to brighten up my face a little bit.  Then a few months ago, reality sunk in.  Now for those of you who’ve been high-lighting and dying to achieve the perfect shade of natural blond, you know the commitment I’m talking about.  And for my friends in the 35 and over club, some of you know may know what I’m referring to as well.  It’s a war waged by Mother Nature herself.  I wanted to be one of those women with a thick head of beautiful silvery gray hair when my time came. Well, the time came a little sooner than I anticipated and I’m not ready!  So, I’ve succumbed.  What about you? I hate to admit it, but “To Dye or Not to Dye?” is no longer the question for me . . . What say you?

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  • My gray is so out of control it is a shame. No longer a question for me either. Great post.

  • What a coincidence,I am heading to the salon today for a bit of coloring. Those gray hairs just won’t give me a break so I’ve embraced dyeing. Now how do I deal with the crows feet?

  • me too!!! I’m not ready yet and I’m “To Dye” those ROOTS and get that gray right out of my hair. Hope all is well Kalyn

  • So I am 42, and I dye. My dad has gorgeous silver gray, and my gray are beautifully silver, and when I am in my mid to late 60′s I’ll embrace my silver… LOL!
    Now my color is not drastic, I lighten overall, so my grays look more like highlights, giving my color some texture. I am natural so I can go with a dye, as its my only process. In fall/winter, my color is closer to my natural hair color, spring/summer, lighter, more the color my hair natural brightens due to the sun.
    When I was relaxing, I used a rinse that could be applied the same day as my relaxer, and washed out in 9-12 washes, which timed well with my touch ups…

    I used to think I’d never color, but now, it makes me happy, and that is what matters. Perhaps its vanity, but it is MY hair, so its perfectly acceptable the my vanity be considered!

  • Cool and timely post! My hair is locked, and I decided some time ago that not only had I let go of a life of relaxers and hot irons, but I’d let my hair naturally return to its color, and welcome the gray. My plan was to look like Toni Morrison, but it never quite reached that level. I resisted color for over 2 years, until I ran into a girlfriend I hadn’t seen for a while. She blurted out, “Girl, do something about your hair! You’ve really let yourself go!” That weekend, I rushed to Walgreen’s for some color, and I’ve been hooked (again) ever since. One day, maybe I’ll have the courage to accept my aging. But right now just ain’t the time!

  • For reasons unknown to me (because my mother was significantly gray at 35), I’ve yet to go gray except for the errant hair or two. That said, as soon as I reach critical mass, I will be reaching for the bottle.

  • Five years ago I colored my hair for my brother’s wedding and that was the beginning of a new routine. My hair stylist at the time pointed out that since I don’t wear much make-up the increasing amount of salt in my salt and pepper hair (at age 37) was leaving my face looking pale. So, the choice was make-up every day or hair color once every 4-6 weeks. Nuff said.

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