J’Adore Dior!

If you’re looking for the perfect handbag-sized gift for that hard-to-shop-for friend, significant other, colleague or fashionista, look no further.  Check out Christian Dior’s The Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman. The book covers everything from what to wear to a wedding to how to tie a scarf to walking gracefully. Published for the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Golden Age of Couture exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of Dior’s “New Look”, it’s fun read replete with great information.  Dior became known as one of the most important designers of the 20th Century with the introduction of his “New Look”  in 1947.  After years of military and civilian uniforms, sartorial restrictions and shortages, Dior’s “New Look” offered not merely a new look but a new outlook.  His work celebrated ultra-femininity and opulence in women’s fashion; a goal that today’s fashion designers still attempt to achieve each season. So, if you want to make sure that your favorite fashionista embodies CD’s 3 fundamentals of fashion – simplicity, grooming and good taste – this is the perfect gift for that gal pal.

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  • Looks interesting -I’m going to add this to my list of birthday gifts that I’m getting for myself!

  • Where do you find this stuff? I feel like I am in culture shock when I read your blog, but a good type of shock. I love learning about new and exciting items like this one. Keep it coming Kalyn. I am learning to assimilate into your world of style.

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