It’s All About STYLE . . .

Now you know I am all about gadgets – I love my Blackberry, my iTouch, my iPad and the like . . . but every now and then it’s just good to put pen to paper.  The folks at Moleskin must’ve read my mind with their latest creation – The STYLE journal.  Ask any of my clients.  I arrive at their respective homes to do their Wardrobe Evaluation with my composition notebook in hand to record all of my notes about their likes, sizes, style wishes and desires.  When we go shopping, I don’t leave home without their particular composition notebook in my bag.  Two years later when we meet to revamp their wardrobes, I pull out my handy-dandy composition notebook with their name emblazoned on front.  So, yes, I think I’m switching over to Moleskin . . . STYLE journal not your passion?  No worries – check out the other journals in their Passion Line — Receipe, Wine, Book, Film, Music, Wellness, Travel, Gardening, Dog, Cat, Baby — there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy.

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