Shopping For A Cause

Increasingly, we’re becoming a global economy as we westerners have begun to realize that what happens on the other side of the globe impacts us all.  Many organizations, non-profits and small businesses have begun to create empowerment partnerships with women and men all over the world to open doors that can result in life-changing opportunities for them and their families.  I would be re-miss in my duties as a shopper, if I didn’t help to make you aware of some of the amazing items one can buy and have his or her money go towards a good cause to boot.  So here’s to the unveiling of a new column on Possess Your STYLE, Shopping For A Cause!

Now truth be told, I’m a sucker for a good totebag!  I love them all, from the wonderful shopping bags doled out at Bergdorfs (these are saved in our household) to my trusty-dusty LL Bean Boat Bags and all of the totes in between.  When I saw this Market bag at Apolis Global Citizen, my heart swooned.  I imagined myself pulling this jute bag out of my Goyard tote (I said I love tote bags!) while being rung-up at WholeFoods and looking oh so chic as I carry my groceries home.  It costs $58, but each time one is sold, a group of women in Bangladesh are provided with job security and the opportunity for economic independence.  Now I say, that’s $58 well-spent.

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