So Much TeuxDeux, So Little Time!

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You say “To Do” and now I say “TeuxDeux”!  I’m a list maker.  I have a “To Do” list that I update daily.  Well actually, I have a few “To Do” lists that I update daily.  As I’ve taken on more responsibilities, my “To Do” list has expanded.  When I was practicing law, now matter how late I left the office, I always created a “To Do” list for the next day.  Now, I have a “To Do” list for each of my businesses, one for personal things like doctor appointments and whatnot, one for my husband and one for household/family things.  I’m a little anal, so I don’t have one big “To Do” list, I literally had a notepad with a seperate page for each of the categories mentioned above.  My friend Meghan thought I was crazy when I showed her my notepad; she might be right, but to each her own when it comes to organizing the grey matter between her ears.  I thought my notepad was genius until I needed to take my “To Do” lists with me and I was carrying a purse rather than a totebag.

Then TeuxDeux entered my life.  It’s this nifty little app that I learned about from fellow bloggers, Erica Reitman of DesignBlahg and Nicole Cohen of Sketch42 at lavish! It allows you to create a daily TeuxDeux list online or on your iPhone/iTouch (it’s free online and $2.99 to upload to your device).  As pictured above, you can cross items off of your list.  You can move items that didn’t get done to the next day.  You can list things that need to be done but not in the immediate future in the “Someday” section (you know those things that pop into your head and you want to write them down some place where you’ll be able to access them when you have time to focus on them).  And, you can have as many accounts as you’d like.  Oh and if you’re an apple convert, you can toggle between your various accounts from your device.

So, if you’re like me and one of your goals for 2011 is to be organized, you might want to add a new word to your vernacular and change “To Do” to TeuxDeux.

Happy New Year – Best wishes for 2011!!!

Stylishly yours,

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