Life•Savers . . .

This week’s Life•Saver: Insolia.  I LOVE Insolia.  I should own stock in Insolia. I don’t own a pair of heels that does not have insolia inserts in them.  My 5-inch heel addiction?  Insolia is my enabler.  You know that your dogs are going to start barking after wearing heels for an extended period of time, right?  It feels like the ball of your foot is on fire!  . . .  Well, the genius behind Insolia is that somehow they push the weight from the ball of your foot onto your heel.  I have no idea how the mechanics work, they’re gel-like pieces of plastic created by an engineer who was trying to help alleviate his wife’s high-heels woes.  I would be lost without them!  I danced all night long in 5-inch heels at my wedding and that of 4 other couples (concrete floor be damned!) courtsey of Insolia.  Don’t walk, run out to buy these – you’ll thank your lucky stars! Find this Life•Saver here and save 15% from now through March  31, 2011 when you enter the promo code kalyn.  Thanks Insolia!

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