This Says It All . . .

Today, December 1st is my birthday!  I wasn’t going to post anything, but then I opened this amazing card from my childhood BFF Nicole and the emotions hit. When my grandmother passed away 13 years ago, she had boxes and boxes of stationery and cards. Nicole went through the boxes and took what she wanted. Believe it or not, this is one of the cards from my grandmother’s stash.  Doesn’t she look a little bit like a younger version of me?  Is the link between me, my grandmother and effie’s paper starting to make sense to you?  Opening this card this morning, made it all hit home to me.  I took a card like this for granted when I was a kid, my grandmother was always a little bit on the cutting edge for an old lady . . . but as a grown-up, it’s a wonderful reminder of a grandmother’s love and influence.

Thank you to all of my wonderful friends and family for the outpouring of love on this my special day.



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