Life•Savers . . .

Life•Savers used to be the candies my mom or grandmother would discretely hand me during the preacher’s sermon at church.  They helped to make a long morning go by so much more quickly!  While I still enjoy the sugary-high from a Life•Saver, the word now connotates anything that helps to make my daily life easier.  Hence, a new column on Possess Your STYLE: Life•Savers.  If you’ve come across a something worthy of this title, please let me know and I’ll be sure to share it!

This week’s Life•Saver: Low Beams.  The name says it all.  Why didn’t I come up with these?  They’re great!  They’re easy to put on, latex-free and oh, did I mention “ouch-less” when you peel them off?  Great to wear when going bra-less, underneath a bathing suit or even with a bra if your heart desires.  Their tagline is hilarious, but oh so true:  ”With low beams, you are back in the driver’s seat, free from the glaring side effects of blasts of cold air.”  Find this Life•Saver here.

2 Responses to “Life•Savers . . .”

  • Love the title of the new column. It immediately made me think when we were kids and made a Christmas ornament from a pack of Life Savers at your or Kendall’s birthday party. Anyway, thanks for this Life Saver. I always just used invisible tape to keep me from shining. I’m sure Low Beams is much more comfortable.


  • I just found your blog through Get It Girl Style’s Baggin series and after seeing your style I had to check the blog out and I’m so loving going through each post! Glad to have found you!

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