Life•Savers . . .

This week’s Life•Saver: Summer Soles.  My friend Jacqueline hipped me to these. Sweaty feet?  They were thinking of you when they made Summer Soles.  They’re shoe liners that absorb sweat. If you suffer from sweaty feet, or experience “slippery discomfort” with leather or synthetic footwear, Summer Soles may be singing your tune. Or, if you’re like me and have eschwed socks and pantyhose, reserving tights for those really really cold Winter days, Summer Soles may be perfect for you. Jacqueline swears by them – I think she literally has them in every pair of shoes she owns.  I did a day-long road test and fell in like. They’re easy to use, they peel off and don’t mess up the inside of your shoe when you remove them. Their tag line says it all, “So if you’re looking for a cure for sweaty feet woes – we’re ready for you! Dive in and try Summer Soles.”  Find this Life•Saver here.

p.s. They make them for men too!

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