As The Body Changes

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been lucky enough to have a pretty good relationship with most of my doctors. Maybe it’s because I’m the child of a physician or maybe it’s because I’m a little anal or, as my friend Karla would say, maybe it’s because I’m a nice person? Anyway . . . last week, after a routine visit to my internist, I was slapped into reality.  It made me question what I’ve been holding quite dear – Is 40 really the new 30? Dr. Glass, my internist, doesn’t seem to think so.  And after my quarterly visit to her office, the stark reality that “40 is the new 30″ is really just a slogan to make the vainglorious ok with their vanity hit home.  Yes, I admit it, I’m a tad bit vain.  And if you’re honest with yourself, you probably are too.

While I’m seemingly the picture of perfect health, Dr. Glass made it clear that if I continue to race through life the way I did when I was 25, I’m going to fall apart sooner rather than later.  Her wake-up call made one thing certain in my world – in order to do all the stuff I need to do to maintain the” 40 is the new 30″ thing, I’m going to have to get up a couple of hours earlier.

I love sleep.  I hate alarm clocks.  I’m a night person.  Ms. Mary Sunshine in the am? Wrong gal, not me (my husband can attest to that).  I’m gulity of sleeping to the last possible minute and then rushing around like a chicken with it’s head cut off in the morning trying to get to the gym, an appointment or even to my desk to get my day started.  Extra sleep means I skimp on things like eating a nutritious breakfast, taking my vitamins regularly or just simply easing into my day.  To add insult to injury, I’d just attended the Ladies Who Launch conference where there was a panel on this very topic called “Stamina for Success”. I listened, but I didn’t take their words and advice to heart. However, after a doctor’s appointment where I was told:

  • I stare at the computer screen too long and I’m drying my eyes out (drops were prescribed);
  • I type too much and am going to give myself arthritis if I don’t figure out a way to minimize my computer time;
  • I sit still in the same position for too long (see arthritis above);
  • I’ve worked through one too many lunches and it’s impacting my body’s hydration and nuturional balance;
  • My calorie burning workouts will lead to arthritis without proper stretching before and after; and
  • My inconsistent vitamin intake and lack of proper daily hydration will lead to a deterioration of my overall health in the long run -

I came to a decision. I’m going to have to do two things to get it together: go to bed at a decent hour and get an earlier start to my day.  I’ve done ok so far, but it’s only been 5 days. You gotta start somewhere, right? Do you think I should’ve told Dr. Glass about my addiction to 5 inch heels? I mean we’re close, but we’re not that close.

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  • Great post, thanks for the info! Keep up the good work!

  • Funny but true. One time, my doctor was shocked to see that my weight remained the same three years in a row. After my last appt, I was SHOCKED to discover that I had gained weight and was ridiculously deficient in vitamin D. Who really thinks about vitamin D? Not only do I take my daily D drops, I pop my multivitamin, eat my veggies, drink ample water and get 6+ hrs of sleep. I may look like I’m in my 20′s. My body reminds me that I’m “40 plus.”

  • OK, there is a trend going around on the Net. Either on blogs or Facebook, over 40 women are talking about the changes they are going through. I now don’t feel so alone. My PMS and Cycle are shorter and I get cramps, which I rarely used to have. I am tired more. Like you I am not a morning person. I was up until. 1 am and I could not sleep. Yet, I had to be at work by 9. SMH. I don’t eat right, gained some weight, not enough water/vitamins and I have adult acne.

    I have dry eye too. I have to really watch my posture, how much I carry in my purse/tote and the height of my shoes because I have back pains at night.

    I wish someone had warned me this would happen. I thought I would not feel this way until after 50.

  • @Tracey: I don’t look 40 and I feel like 50. LOL. I am a grandma of a 5 month old and my daughter is 20. I wish someone had told me that my best weight and skin would be in my 20′s.

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