Is Your STYLE in Balance?

Supermodel (and mogol) Heidi Klum is a woman after my own heart!  Last week she retired from Victoria’s Secret, inked a deal with Ann Taylor and launched Heidi Klum for New Balance, an active womens fashion line available exclusively through The line features fashions that “look edgy and fashionable while still feeling comfortable.” It’s like she read my mind.  Unless I’m going Uptown for a Ladies Who Lunch date, I’m a Downtown girl who wants to be fashionable yet comfortable.  I’ve been making my own ensembles cobbled together from a little Lululemon, Target (pronounced Tar-gey) and a bit of addidas thrown in. Heidi’s no dummy, she proved herself to the masses during that first season of Project Runway (not to mention her line of Birkenstocks), and has clearly seen women like me running errands in our “souped up” workout clothes.  So what does she do?  She partnered with New Balance and created an edgy line of affordable active wear that women are going to scoop up. GENIUS. Check out her new line here.

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  • Not sure I’ll get too many of the HK NB items, but I admire Heidi Klum and all that she represents. She strikes me as a sweet person and a savvy businesswoman…and awesome mom!

    At a minimum, I’m going to invest some time in looking at her new partnership!

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